Fantasy Closet

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  • Publiceret: 30 dec. 2018
  • Opdateret: 30 dec. 2018
  • Status: Igang
When somehow a nighbor move in they find that it's not only the same living space, but nightmare coming to, evil wish or something good, the closet was just a room moving inn...


1. The Fantasy..

The same thing over and over, and one space seems to think, that the closet never moved out!

So if so many wishes are not real, waht makes the fanatsy clonset so real. It was once, not at all real. 

Just some space ordinary and qiute and sudden in the sky, and between the windows a great sudden.

The fantasy closet was just a door and oupside and wonderful thought, the monsters inside where just the way! The closet was in, it lacked the scary things but it brought the halloween time in such.

The room Was somehow on the outside as the diners in belview city, it had rooms and it had, a great window.

The jobs and working Where the city, and trying to get the haunted and scary stuff, something was just living on the block and turning, a whole Nieghbors house into a some waht dismal and weird place.

Bel view city was just about to see the monsters inside the closet of the shadows of the



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