Shark tooth & Swordia

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  • Publiceret: 30 dec. 2018
  • Opdateret: 29 dec. 2018
  • Status: Igang
As a shark looses his tooh a, ordinary magic sword comes to the ocean of seven. Seas and rescues a shark. Then swordia, creates shark tooth to save the seven seas..


1. Swordtail part one...

The ocean was calm and the sword, was just beginning outside, a shark was just beneath,

The artic sea ices, as the ice melted, and shifted the shark shifted to another ocean deep.

However a......brave shark then got lost from one ocean to another, until a brave warrior, known as swordia, was there the instant sword of magic was just in the outskirts of the land.

Suddenly the shark, was all lost, however the tooth became embedded deep into the corals of the sea, lost and magical.

The known shark was now swordtail.... And the swordtail new team of Great and wonderful adventures on the seven seas. Swords were, all over the brave seas as new lands and volcanoes brewed.

Treasures just begun and new excited adventure for, shark tooth and swords, the sword and the tail was now not just shrank, but gave a powerful, myst of the lost seas.

Swordia, was not just the beginning, but now friends to the missing tooth, and swordtail

Was the beginings of the treasures that got lost, beneath the old corals, as the ever mintend new, Gillian's of the islands, came out.

New, and somewhat, open seas had one island know, as diamond island, with treasures that connected to, the new seven seas....

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