Evil TV

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  • Publiceret: 29 dec. 2018
  • Opdateret: 3 jan. 2019
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When a tv becomes evil...the missing minds of a warped paradox becomes one own place...the NIghbors don't know where the evil and how the TV became a mind of its own?


1. Static horror

The house on the, haunted but ordinary tv, had some thing and something, outside the box.

As the clear and ordinary one the tv, once from a garbage junk was something again.

Mind night, of a wish from just watching, turned into a TV show of there own mind.

This was so great seemed like a dream and the wombats of that, changed their minds.

However theme and eary boxy of tv, had mind of its own, and the outside was just trapping left and right. Some tried to escape the tv, but could never get out.

Some said the tv was evil, and the box was just it's own standing life inside, and some say that it moved with every one.

The box however waht is was, had some kind of place for anyone, however thier wishes became a TV worst nightmare.

Looking from the obvious, the tv was about to live and take over the towns and become a monster of every tv.

The house with the TV, started to go out, and it started to have a attraction to teens and its own static mind, was just a horrible beginnnng and horror to find out.

The TV was static mind, and the monster was the tv, as many tried to sleep they never saw their own body's again.

The TV was evil, and it was just beginning to wake up, and the many that thought it was, a 

Ordinary night of relaxing had saw something it didn't know? It own mind was inside the static.

For the first teens who watched it, they thought this as perfect wish, and they watched the tv, as it became the mind over them driving them insane and, keeping them the tv was

From static, as they moved in the mind of the, evil tv was just a array of waht they thought was horrible imagination.


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