52 Weeks of Positivity

52 Weeks of Positivity is a collection of weekly writing prompts designed to keep focus on all the good things happening in the world. They are a way to sharpen your pen and explore new roads to walk on.

Join in and follow my progress as the weeks fly by.


Author's note

If you are looking for feedback then leave some for me and a link to your story. I will drop by your story as soon as I have time and leave a comment rughly the same length as your comment.

6. My playlist


I listen to the fluent stream of notes that rise from the classical orchestra. Sometimes I follow one instrument rising to the sky clear and alive, other times I let myself disappear in the fairyland of harmonies.


I listen to the bas and the drums that make every cell in your body vibrate to the rhythm of the beat, and I listen to the rough voice shouting atop of an electrical guitar.


Sometimes I listen to way music fills the room. How the deep blue, bordeaux, and the honey golden puffs of smoke transform like a breathing creature.


Sometimes I listen to the silver string of sadness that weaves in and out of the music, telling me the story through the lyrics. And sometimes these lyrics overshade the music as if they wanted to revenge all the times I do not hear them at all.  


I listen to a lot of different music; at the moment these five seem like a good place to start.


DNA by Backstreet Boys

Lonesome Rider by Volbeat

Geordie by Junkyard Drive

Vergeben, Vergessen unde Wieder Vertrau’n by Helen Fischer

Dark Passion by Hanne Boel


Prompt: Music


Vær en del af Movellas nuFind ud a, hvad det er alle snakker om. Tilmeld dig nu og del din kreativitet og det, du brænder for
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