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I sit beside Andrew who continues to fiddle with his fingers. He shakes his leg and he looks super worried.

I scoot over to him "everything is gonna be fine." I reassure him.

He sighs and looks up with eyes full of worry "I'm scared." He says

"Me too, but it'll all be done soon." I tell him

His head jolts up with a doctor comes through the door. She holds a clipboard informs of her and peers over examining all the patents.

"Andrew Whites?"

He jumps out of his seat "that's me. Is she okay?" He asks

The doctors flinches and smiles "yes. The surgery went as planned. She does need to stay here for the next few nights to make sure she doesn't get any symptoms." She says holding down her clipboard.

Andrew sighs a sigh of relief "thank god."

I pull him in for a hug "I told you she'll be okay." I tell him

He smiles "thanks Meg."

"Of course." I say

Then I look up at the doctor "are we able to see her?" I ask her

She frowns "not now. Sorry. She's under medication to lessen the pain. You guys can come back around the same time tomorrow to see her. She'll be off medication then." The doctor says adjusting the pin in between the clip and the board.

I nod "okay thanks for everything." I say

"Of course. Have a good evening!" She says before we exit the hospital.

"Look. Everything will be back to normal." I tell Andrew sliding into the passenger seat.

He smiles "pizza?"

My stomach grumbles at the word. "God I forgot how hungry I am. Yea pizza is good." I laugh

He starts driving and it doesn't take long for us to get there. He pulls into a parking space and we hop out.

"1 cheese pizza please. Oh and can you add olives?" He asks the waiter winking at me. I roll my eyes "thank you." I tell the waiter as she walks off with our order in her hands.

"School starts up again in a week." He reminds me sipping his water.

I groan "thanks for reminding me."

He laughs "your welcome. Let's do something crazy tomorrow!" He says all of a sudden with a burst of energy.

"Like what?" I ask full of curiosity

"Well, something to end the summer. Something none of us have done." He says thinking tapping is chin.

"Well what kind of crazy?" I ask him not sure how daring he is at the second.

Then we stare at each other both knowing what "the bridge!" We exclaim at the same time.

Ever since we were kids we wanted to jump into the water below the small bridge by our neighborhood. We'd see teenagers do it all the time and we decided when we grew up we were doing that together most definitely.

He laughs "perfect idea!"

I smile "this is gonna be awesome!" I say

Then are pizza comes "thanks." I tell the waiter before she lays it down on the table. She nods "yep."

I focus my attention back on Andrew stuffing my mouth with the mouth watering pizza.

"Promise me one thing." He says setting his slice of pizza down.

"Yea, anything." I say swallowing the pizza.

"Don't ditch me." He laughs at our inside joke.

6 years before

I crouch behind a bush next to Andrew. We watch the teenagers junk in the water and swim around laughing and having fun.

"Were totally doing this when we're older." He whispers into my ear.

I nod blowing my hair out of my face "look!" I say a bit to loud pointing to the teenagers running off with towels in their hands. Andrew points something else out "they forgot her." He says to the older girl around 17 standing along near the tree.

"More like ditched." I say huffing

Andrew leans back "promise me one thing." He says staring me into the eyes.

"Yea, anything." I say

"Promise me you wind ditch me?" He asks

"I would never ditch you. As long as you don't ditch me." I say eyeing him

He smiles "I would never."


I turn back to reality "as long as you don't ditch me." I say raising and eyebrow

He plays along "I would never." He says finishing the last piece of pizza.

"Good. Then it's a deal. We actually jumping off that dang bridge we've been watching to forever." I laugh

He smiles "this is gonna be awesome!"

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