Sister 2 Sister

Elise and Alexis are the newest editions at Santa Monica High school; and also quickly trying to adapt to the upper crust lifestyle of southern California. Where kids driving their own cars to school is the norm...and dating the hottest guys is a must. Cali seems to be everything Alexis has ever dreamed; and a complete culture shock to her older sisters System. Elise a beauty in her own right has no problem telling the world to take her or leave her. While Alexis is out to create a whole new persona. and The days of being bullied and called busted are over. But will Santa Monica High drama be more either of them to handle. Will Alexis knock anyone out of the way; to become the hottest girl in school? Even her Own flesh and blood? Be careful cause in the game of Love and popularity...everyone is fair get hurt.


8. The Boys

                                                                              Derek 17 (Senior)


                                                                          Sean 17 (Senior)


                                                                         Kaden 17 (Senior)


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