The Martinez Twins: BOOK 2

They barely remember each other let alone like each other but when a threat rises, they unwillingly team up to save the two people they hardly know yet love so much: their parents. In a journey of discovering who they really are- not just the roles they were born to play- the two legendary twins become an unstoppable team. With her Russian fire and his English charm, the pair will conquer the enemies that forced them to be split.
Izabella and Bruno are being held hostage and it's up to the kids they were forced to leave to save them.


Author's note

Long awaited sequal to Gang Leader's Girl!
I hope it was worth the wait!
Religiously there will be a new and exciting chapter up every Tuesday!
Comment and Like if you're glad the sequal is out! And if you're enjoying it! Favourite aswell!
AnnonymousStorm XXX
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