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  • Publiceret: 8 nov. 2018
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Emily is just an ordinary girl. She goes to school and lives with her family. But what is diffrent is that her emotions are alive. They wander around her, whispering in her ear. They are always around her as she develops and tries to find herself.
But what happens when it gets too much? Is she able to drown them out?

Credit to my friend who made this cover: https://www.deviantart.com/lautrupsen


1. Happiness

10 years ago

I was sitting with my mom and sister playing with Legos. it is one of my best memories.

I remember our mom had built this amazingly beautiful house. The walls were yellow, and the roof was blue. Me and my sister didn’t care about color-coordination, so we just took a Lego-brick and placed it on another. but the fact that our mom had built such a beautiful thing was outside our imaginations. 

I was six, my sister was four.

that was when I first remember my first emotion appear.

"Isn’t it such a beautiful house? oh, look at the walls, all the same color. the roof too!" the yellow girl that had appeared beside me jumped up and down in excitement. "Look at the little door and the tiny windows! This is so nice! building with mom and Sophi!" the yellow girl kept jumping.

a smile spread on my face, and we kept building for hours.

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