Where I Began

Have you ever wondered why Freddy Fazbear and his gang went crazy? Ever Wonder what the real reason behind purple guy's actions are? Dive into this adventure in my description of how it all began.


6. The Final Night

Night had replaced day in the Pizzeria as Vincent sat in his office.

"Good work, Vince." He said to himself.

He stayed in his office looking through the cameras, and reminiscing about all the events that had taken place this day. He smiled.

But when he looked at the stage camera, he saw all the animatronics were gone. He got up and exited his office, over to the dressing room and all the animatronics stood there in their correct poses, even the Golden Freddy. All their eyes were lifeless.

"What the hell?" he said. As he said that, all there eyes lit up. He was going to run back but when he turned, Foxy was behind him. He paced back and Golden Freddy grabbed his shoulder, and pushed down as hard as the robot could. He paralyzed Vince only allowing him to see. Vince watched as Freddy grabbed a Golden Bonnie suit and put the suit on Vince's body. When Foxy was about to put the helmet on, Freddy said in a staticy voice:

"We're gonna show you what you put us through."

The helmet clicked, and Vincent writhed on the floor in pain, screaming as that suits gears grinded his skin off, pulling out his innards blood spraying all over, springs stabbing into his soft flesh.

"This suit was a trap." Freddy said, "And now you shall be known as Springtrap."

Springtrap rose and his eyes lit up. He looked at the animatronics in fear.

"Welcome to hell." Freddy said. Springtrap screamed in mental pain.

The End.

Readers, thank you for reading this, it was my own personal twist on the FNAF 1 game and I hope you liked it. I love critiques, so please leave comments, they really help.

Look out for my next FNAF story: Nightmare!!!

Thank you!

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