Wolf Cat

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  • Publiceret: 31 okt. 2018
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Gradmas little angel, turns into a monster, and with no vengeance and, a mouth to, growl at an innocent cat gone insane...as stray as it came, what is it??.. A bobcat or a wolf???.. Mix of monster from hell!!..


1. Crystal part 1


In the woods of cheery Iowa lay a, little home to old lady who adored, the cats of the open wildernes but, behind the home she always, had.

It was her blurry vision, and one cat she remembered as stray as she always could remember.

Her name was crystal and, she was a innocent looking cat, mellow calm and purring, on any one house looking for, a tuna dish..

The strange country of Iowa, was just a flat land and, eagerly nice community on the verge of a monster.. How a cat went vicious.

The moonlight was, one of on her doorstep, and a stray cat went to the, door purring, once thought to be a moon cat.

Nice and fury, and cuddly, purring without a, moew and looking as, calm and relaxed on her loving town.

Unknow to the little details was, a stray cat with dark past in the shadows of the night.

The little old woman took her in!! Mistaken by her, for a cuddly cat, which was, the wick of the doorknob seem to have..

Everyone thought of the cat story as, a calm one, but somehow this cat and many lives, an innocent town..

️️Gradma little angel they, call it cyrstal she always would have a innocent face, and purr and usausually, kind cat with feelings of a doll, a warm heart and innnoscent tender moew in the night..

As a blind, and blurry as ms Wilkins was, she loved crystal so much but, her jou was this cat as peculiar one. 

Always nice and always strange, yet she stray and live in the community, far from the moon a, unknow cat that purred in the night sometimes was, the little angel, of blurry misses Wilkins. 

 A kinder cat then most..but strangely, odd of the any minded cat with, basic needs.

Fetching and Loveing a, day and night always being the kind of cat that never seemed to 


As strange as the, behaviors of the cat, her own shaodows, of dark nighttime roads in the night scared some people.





The roads of Iowa were calm yet, the woods on side, were howling sometimes, this cat looked like, a midnight as dark and creepy as th red eyes she had..

Howevr the cat was and old she oneday became, ms Wilkins was glad to call her little angel.. Oneday it Became nightmare, sh esuddenly became, a vicious annoying cat..

The roadside loooked down from the, forest she was purred on midnight Flooor waht seemd to, be a stray road side mashing into her..

Some say cats have nine lives but this cat always seemed to be dead already, looking on the hillside at, night scaring people wi Beaty red eyes..

And the, somewhat growls that, seems to drive people to, thier homes locked up, ️️thinking of it as a bobcat, was scary enough, but seeing a cat in dark mysti claws of some ️️kimd of monster in the past.

Lurking ahead was, miss Wilkins cat, and the name crystal was always, her name howevr.

Starngely ms Wilkes thought crystal was, eevry cat looking stray, behind her doors, another cat wasn't the crystal she remebered.

However the blurry cat moncat was somehow a vicious cat was no, moon cat it had a small size and, a shape tooth as big as a saber tooth, yet small in size some, would wonder if it was a cat..

Loooking like, it and the visitors saw it had many different shadows, but always howled at midnight.. His monster was, in fact crystal or another, kind of cat..

Ms Wilkins vison was, not there, but her angel cat always had been as sweet and, innnoscent as a plain ordinary stray cat..

Something strange about thae days that, follow ms Wilkins cat, the cat people saw, was a hidious small fiend, yet a black as midnight one, it resemebled her cat so much..

One night a couple of, good simartins saw, a paculiar cat, in the myst of the foggy shadows, and it was no looking cat but small. It had holwed something scary as its eyes, and sharp like, teeth coming fast as the coyotes in the wilderness..

They ran to a Nieghbors house but, misses Wilkins wasn't home. She was blind as bat, looking for crystal, serial little to a kitty she called her little angel...



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