PInk Eyes

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  • Publiceret: 30 okt. 2018
  • Opdateret: 9 mar. 2019
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a unknown monster comes to life after a alien and weird story comes to life. Of a ️being creature that lives in the forested and comes alive at night to seek the dead... Copyrighted...


1. Pink Eyes horror..

Imagine an unknown place, with unknown monster neevr thought or heard from the forgotten but, just scary enough to be told.

The monster was seeking in a box of its own, it's way to live, and breed, everyone thought it was just, a take untill they went into the deep deep, woods of forest hill, then they realized it followed them home...

After a calm night of realization, the being was furios inn thier dreams, and untold fanatsy stories this was trully one to remember..

As the, story of a teenager and his lost freind, Tay he was with her, but his other freinds were not so fortunate to dream, and get lost somehow life never was same..

The wierd moster had eyes in, a clutch of horrible stench, and a hiding closet were ever there was wooods there was pink eyes.. The crippled, tales of a hil side forest that the four best friends will never forget..

Their memories, will stil remeber the night of the chilling monster from an unknown existence however, the tales were lies from unknown things.

Perhaps the, monsters feed on mysterious nighttime fevers, too live in a dreaded scoulging, box inside the, hose in the forested woods bringing home every one who seek it!! This, mosnster was lonely as the eyes it had.

As many thought it crippled up to the, eyes it caught th,  pink eyes it had were just, horrible memories..

If you, we're in the woods you brought home one heck of imagination, two freinds Tay and Allen lived the tales of the, pink eyes that wept them. The story never dies, a unknown one a, alien or a creature from hell...

Tay and Allen had two other country friends too plain belive of this monsters that, has eyes somewhere..

As e rest don't it was defiantly horrible not too, as the forest hills of Wyoming were calm every night thye traveled into the eyes of the monster..

Nighttime was perfect and Tay and Allen first forgot there friendship had Memeories, forevr even though they were grown up now..

Howevr the rest of the freinds were still somewhere in grave yard cemetery with the monster of many myths or belives called pink eyes, suddenly the very town of hillside was about to begin, as regular wooded country side far from the ordinary..

A community that somehow began with aliens of a myth somehow the ️️being from a closet door found in the, horrible woods, but this was a mere sight of the moster they saw but didn't..

What kind of, most invisible too the naked eye, and as frightening as the windows and, homes in country it saw..

It somehow lived in the people who believed it?... But the woods would be somehow not the Wyoming state it use too be, the kriton of the night was only, mysteriously hiding in one closet a, house meat the lake..

The, story of Tay and Allen streets when they found a nice cabin by the woods and their friendship started..

It was, not always good, or bad but it had many deep, memeries to last, somehow the monsters.. That liveinside out were midnight ones, the mayerious eyes that came to them..


The, after night was gloomy and they, saw two other fellow friends that somehow lived near one farmer.. He had insane minds that, thought of one take of this bieng. Somehow thought the story lived, not untill oneday, the story became alive again..

A closet in his house lead to a ️secret diary in a book that, he thought he threw away.

One chilling morning it was found by noisy teens and, the farmer became Thier worst freind..


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