The zombiest

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  • Publiceret: 24 okt. 2018
  • Opdateret: 30 okt. 2018
  • Status: Igang
The moongrave becomes a zombie playground for the dead and, the horrible monsters inside the...pit become alive again...


1. Moon grave part 1

The scary skies started to turn eary, and white cloud and suddenly a  spark in the town. Of white, shadows and the houses, and the farm people looked down and saw wierd space object in middle.

The, moon started to fill, it gave beaming glow.. Inside out, a Starling haorrifying sight,

Red eyes and full of dreamy, dull sounds within it, and many weird unseal, things deep hidden.

Suddenly the, feel in Middleton cemetary was, graves and pits suddenly tilted, as the day went the towns people womdered.

"What, was in that sky that night?.. Suddenly, a bunch of friends started to look, down and see the object and look. It was a defiante egg, of some sort and it was half broken.

Then they looked, as it started to sink into, the ground. That night was full of emiotional worrying as, the graves made mourning noises.

the farm poeple couldn't help but, wonder why the skies looked so green?

Suddenly, the moon and the Stars swirled and the cemetary was open but, the most mysterious thing was the imaginations of many...

About the object, it was sunken but, the scientist was trying to find it, even though it seemed deep sunken in the ground.

Middleton cemetary, was just a big gap between a hole in ground and the small egg.

The, object that somehow got stuck in there..was weirdly from a planet moon of something 

After weeks, of lookons, the object seemed never to be found, but the ground was deep and, the hole it made was deeper..

It was, more then just a, ordinary thing maybe the living was, somehow a object inside

that egg if it, was from space what was it?..


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