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I make a lot of covers and I can't always choose which ones to use. I thought I could put them all in one place, so you could help me pick, or, just look at them for fun. :)


7. Guardian of the Woods

The Guardian of the Woods is about a good named Emerald, Emery for short. Emery loves everything about nature; sadly, the woods surrounding her house has fell to pollution and devastation from deforestation. She has seen something running around the woods, something large and canine. It's too big to be a dog, and, she believes that it's a wolf. But, due to the state of the woods, animals have all but fled their little town, so, everyone thinks she's crazy. She doesn't dare utter a word about wolves anymore, her peers mocking her and calling her names. The only one who has ever been on her side is Montgomery, a boy who she's never even talked to. 

Monty is a mystery to her, as well as the urge that drives her towards him. What is it about him that intrigues her and makes her feel such strange things? She chalks it up to the fact that he's only in school half of the time, his parents pulling him out of school for family camping trips all of the other times, which is a lot, and at random. He's there one day, then gone the next. It's a surprise to her, if he's going to be there, or not. But, when he is, her body is filled with strange happiness, and, she can't seem to concentrate on anything else, but, his presence. 

Something strange is going on in the woods that surround her home. Noises fill the night. Tracks cover the ground. Blood spatters the white coating. This mystery is about to bring her and Monty closer than anyone ever expected. 

rated G







This one was my original but, obviously, things (like the title) have changed (slightly) and IDK if I can remake it soooo yeah. 

 Again, thanks for looking! Let me know which one was your favorite for this chapter in the comments! :)

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