My Covers

I make a lot of covers and I can't always choose which ones to use. I thought I could put them all in one place, so you could help me pick, or, just look at them for fun. :)


8. Ravenwood

       Ravenwood Heartfield is not the normal girl that she pretended to be. Her and a handful of students her age, some older and some younger, are all hiding a secret from the rest of the world. They were normal teenagers and high school students by day, and a pack of four-legged wolves running rampant around the thick forests, at night. 
       They are werewolves. It's graduation day for the humans, and initiation night for the pack. Sedrick is about to become alpha of his own pack, Raven among them. Raven and Sed have always had a silent, mutual understanding. He watched over her as a member of the pack when the humans picked on her, even though they had no mutual social standing. They never talked outside of school or pack duties. 
       Alphas are only strong if they have a pack. Without a pack, they would be nothing. What makes an alpha even stronger, is having a female by his side. So, when Sed makes his oath as Alpha, he also has to name his new bride. Raven is shocked when he says her name.

rated R (16+) for sexual scenes


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