My Covers

I make a lot of covers and I can't always choose which ones to use. I thought I could put them all in one place, so you could help me pick, or, just look at them for fun. :)


6. Demonic Devotion

This is the only one I have for this one, because I knew what I wanted as soon as I sat down with it. I am so in love with this one and proud of it! I know it's very generic and fake looking- I never said that I was a professional! =-)

Summary: Selena is complicated. The crush that she's always had on her old, fellow classmate, Malochie, is complicated. Their relationship heats up, becoming complicated. Before he approached her, all she had to worry about was where she was going to sleep that night. Now, she has to figure out how she is going to survive. She loves him, but, she never considered he'd love her back, and especially that he would bring danger to her, in doing so. 

Explicit (16+)

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