My Covers

I make a lot of covers and I can't always choose which ones to use. I thought I could put them all in one place, so you could help me pick, or, just look at them for fun. :)


1. The Girl Who Set Fire to the World- I made a lot of these ones! :)

A Guardian of Mist Peak Novel

       Valerie has had it rough, things spontaneously going up in flames wherever she goes. She can only explain it as, wrong place and wrong time. She doesn't believe in magic, per say, just very bad luck; incredibly so. 
       Valerie's mom packs her and her sister up and take them out to the country, some place so out of the way, that Valerie can't possibly cause any trouble. But things quickly turn strange. She starts seeing things and bonds with the boy with green hair and a dragon tattoo. 

Rated Y for language



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