Welcome To Riverdale

My name is Lilith Broleon and I'm the Co-leader of my brother's gang, "The Westside Sharks" He's been leader for two years since our father died. My brother's name is Jordan Broleon and he's recently went to Riverdale to make some kind of negotiation with the leader of "The Southside Serpents" that he won't tell me about. I got a call from his best friend saying he ended up in the hospital because of the Ghoulies , which means I have to take over in his place.


2. The Jail & After-Time

We reach the jail and I quickly get off my motorcycle and I chase Jakey until he runs out of breath. I smile as I pick him up and we walk inside the jail, Sweet Pea stands really close to me no matter how much distance I make. When we get to the room we're meeting F.P. in him and Jughead hug before we take a seat and he holds his hand out to me as he says, "My name is F.P. Jones and you must be?" I take his hand as I reply, "I am Jordan's sister and my name is Lilith, it's nice to meet you." F.P. sits down as well and he says, "Okay well right to business, the deal is to combine our two gangs. The only way for that to be possible is through marriage of two high ranked people. Jughead was our first choice, but he's dating Betty now. Soooo, you are betrothed to Sweet Pea and there is no way out of it because your brother agrees with it. That means you and Sweet Pea are a thing and you're staying at his place." 'Fuck, damnit!!! Why the hell do I have to be betrothed to that asshole!!!! Fuck My Life." I nod my head and I'm guessing Jakey understood that because he growls at F.P. I pet his head so he stays calm as I say, "Okay, I guess I'll agree to Sweet Pea. But he will have a hard time dealing with me." I smile a sickly-sweet smile as he replies, "Oh, trust me. I know how to deal with you Sweety." He smirks as he says that and I blush a bit but it quickly goes away as I stand up. I walk out the room as I remember something, when I get outside and Jakey jumps out of my arms I start punching the wall repeatedly. Tears fall from my eyes without me knowing it and someone pulls me away into a tight hug and I grip their jacket as I cry into his shirt. I know it's Sweet Pea because he says, "Hey, Sweety calm down and tell me what's wrong with you." My crying turns to sobbing as I say, "Um so I understand why my brother did this... It's because he's trying to find someone he can trust me to be in a relationship with because my past boyfriends hurt me so badly I gave up on relationships...." He kisses my forehead as he says in a soothing voice, "Baby... I would never hurt you... I don't think I could hurt you, I don't have the power in me to do that to you. You're so sweet and whoever hurt you in those past relationships are assholes and they don't deserve you. Now, let's go home..." I nod my head and we get on our motorcycles, then we head to his- I mean our place.


---10 minutes later---


We reach our place and Jakey runs in the house to explore it and to get out of the rain. I smile slightly as I sit on the steps and the rain hits my face. After a couple minutes Sweet Pea says, "Come on inside baby so you don't catch a cold." I nod my head and I walk in the house, he shows me to our room and I see that all my bags are in there. I start taking all my stuff out and he helps me unpack it all. After we finish, I plop down onto the bed and I pull my phone out as it starts vibrating. I see that it's my friend Charles and I answer. 

Charles: "Hey Lilith."

Lilith: "Hey Charley." 

Charles: "How many times have I told you not to call me that?"

Lilith: "More times than I can count, which is exactly why I do it."
Charles: "Whatever, so how is Riverdale?"

Lilith: "Oh it's fine and I'm betrothed..."

Charles: "Wait what?!?!"

Lilith: "Yeah, I'm betrothed it was a part of my brothers 'deal' but I didn't know."

Charles: "Oh, well I can't ask you the question I called to ask you then. Bye."

Lilith: "Ta-"

He hangs up the phone before I can even say one word. I sigh and Sweet Pea puts his arms around me as he asks, "What was that about, do I have to hurt anyone???" I shake my head as I look at him then I say, "No, it's fine and that was my childhood friend. But turns out he has a crush on me I think?" Sweet Pea balls his fist and he holds onto me tighter as he says, "Well he can't have you because you're MINE!!!" I nod my head and I kiss his cheek, he relaxes and turns me so I'm facing him completely. I look him in the eyes and he kisses me softly, I kiss him back and I wrap my arms around his neck. He puts his hands on my waist as he deepens the kiss, I grip the collar of his jacket. He moves one hand down and grabs my ass, and his other hand goes up my shirt some. I bite his lip as I continue kissing him, and I take his jacket and shirt off. He takes my shirt off and puts both his hands on my side, he's about to do more but there's a knock on the door. He pulls away and says, "You should put a shirt on now, I don't want anyone else seeing your body." I nod my head and I put his shirt on then I change into some leggings so I can get out my wet jeans. I walk outside the room and I see Sweet Pea sitting in the chair then across from him is a girl. I walk over to Sweet Pea and he pulls me into his lap as he says, "This is Toni, she's a part on the gang. And Toni, this is Lilith she's my betrothed." Toni nods her head and bites her lip as she says, "Well she's cute, like really cute." I lean my head on Sweet Pea's chest and I close my eyes while him and Toni talk. 

I guess I must've fell asleep because Sweet Pea is carrying me to our room, I'm too tired to stay awake so I fall back asleep as he lays me on the bed and he climbs in with me.

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