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  • Publiceret: 9 okt. 2018
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Chizu decided to relocate to the city because she had lost all her family. Albeit sometimes lonely, she was quite content with her relatively quiet life and hyper friend, until she happened to meet Dr Tomo Fujita while visiting his office.

Though she had grown curious, Chizu didn’t seem bothered when she and the doctor’s path began to cross more regularly . . . but Chizu was about to find out--just how blur the line between fantasy and reality is.


‘I’m not a second chance at some romance saga! I’m not your fucking wife!’ She screamed at Tomo and stormed off immediately, tugging Oakley as she went.


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‘Hummer. How can you afford this?’ Chizu asked Oakley as they drove to their destination.

‘Hacker job pays. I don’t just steal flies, I let them disappear too. I’ve all sorts of clients— from low budget to big spenders.’

‘Big spenders?’ Chizu questioned further.

‘I have plenty of government works in my pocket,’ he said with a grin.


‘Those type of people has the most skeleton in their closet. I even get rid for files cops.’

She looked at him in surprise. ‘Why not destroy it themselves?’

‘And risk getting caught. They rather use hackers.’

‘Then you risk getting caught.’

‘You sound worried. Cute, consider you don’t want to date me.’ Oakley smirked. Chizu shot him a glair.

‘How did you get into hacking?’

Unlike Dwight, Oakley wasn’t in college, Chizu couldn’t figure out why.

Oakley shuddered. ‘I just landed in it.’

‘No one just lands into something.’

‘I did.’

‘I know there’s more to it,’ Chizu prolonged. ‘It’s a long drive, I am just going to keep asking.’

He sighed. ‘I wanted to get rid of something. The city is full of hackers but I didn’t trust anyone and decided to learn to hack. I watched plenty of videos along with research. Over time learning computing had become easy and hacking became an exciting world full of possibilities and secrets.’

Chizu thought about asking Oakley what it was he got rid of but after some deliberation, she dedicated not to since the lad seemed uncomfortable with the conversation. She relaxed into her seat and stared out the window. They weren’t far from their destination now, Chizu could tell. They had been driving for roughly two hours and the only thing the lass saw since leaving the city and venture on a narrow road that seemed abandon—where the tallest trees—with branches so large that both sides formed an overhead, their leaf’s a healthy green albeit it was freezing. She could see why people believed the road was haunted. It was cryptic looking for sure, but the lassie wasn’t afraid. She felt wrapped up by nature.

‘How much further you think we have before the block off?’

‘I imagine not far. You never told me why you’re so intent on finding this guy and why it’s important to find him.’

She shifted slightly in her seat. Her entire body felt stiff. ‘I believe he can help me find the lad that killed, Gwen.’

‘How is he going to do that?’

‘He has connections that are useful.’ Her brows frowned. ‘Gwen knew him, the killer, I mean. She called him, Trashy.’

‘A name like that is definitely street,’ Oakley said. ‘How did Gwen know the sucker?’

‘She donated food and clothing at shelters; she was into that sort of stuff. Thing is there’re few shelters downtown and I’m guessing there’re few Trashy as well.’

Gwen had a soft spot for less fortune people. It had come as a surprise to Chizu since Gwen’s hometown consisted of only wealthy folks. She was sure Gwen had never seen a homeless person until her move to the city. The lass didn’t like judging, but she didn’t expect Gwen to commit the way she had to charities. Usually folks, young adults mostly, with well-off parents like Gwen, were snobbish. Gwen was remarkable, bit untamed, but her heart generally was in the right place.

‘I met Gwen’s family at her funeral,’ she said the lad. ‘Her father was angry, snapped at Gwen’s mother a couple of times. He never wanted her in the city, which was why Gwen wanted to move there and with her mother’s help, she succeeded. Mostly though, Gwen worried about her mother and little sister alone with her father, now she’s gone I can’t help wonder what that means for the family she left behind.’ Chizu looked over at Oakley; he met her gaze briefly before focussing on the road.

‘They are likely to get a divorce,’ Oakley said, easily.


‘Fathers are overprotective, mostly with their daughters. They like having their girls close; it’s up to the father to know when to back up and give them space. Some fathers don’t do that, you know. Odds are they never will. But that’s part of being a parent. The anger Gwen’s father feel will only get worse since he blames his wife. The likelihood of him wanting to continue their marriage is slim. I’ve met Gwen’s parent.’

‘You have?’ Chizu nearly exclaimed. ‘I never met them until the day of the funeral.’

‘Some time ago, I was at Dwight’s place to collect some stuff . . . Gwen was there. She received a call from her crying mother. Gwen wanted to go to her. Dwight refused to take her, so I drove her home. I think you were in class when she called to let you know she was spending the night at Dwight.’

‘Why couldn’t she just tell me?’

‘You had just lost you, father, I guess. You had a lot of class work going on and she felt it wasn’t your problem to bear. Based on what I saw, the family have a lot of problems and with the death of Gwen I don’t see it getting better.’

‘I was there and I couldn’t save her.’ Chizu’s breath hitched in her throat.

Gwen wasn’t the first person the lass saw die. She’d witnessed her childhood friend Pauline’s death and it was just as horrid. She never forgot that day. It seemed like the day that started it all. Then gradually, those closes to her just started dying. Chizu always thought had Pauline lived, the two of them would’ve been greatest of friends . . . the kind of friendship that still grow strong even when they were eighty and their children and grandchildren would grow up together—as the girls had.

‘It’s a crappy feeling, isn’t it? Utter helplessness.’

‘It sucks!’ The lass licked her lips. ‘Wake me when we get there.’

Chizu’s eyes were just fluttering closed out of both mental and emotional exhaustion when came a loud sound, almost like a squeal coming from Oakley. Her eyes open as she jolted upright in her seat. She looked over at Oakley who was busy trying to keep the vehicle from going out of control and failed. All Chizu could hear was the blood rushing in her ears and vaguely registered Oakley’s voice shouting, ‘Hold on!’

A sudden and violent jolt pushed her body forward; her head came crashing against the dashboard. There was a scream, a long ear-piercing scream escape the lass. There was a blaring honk of horn somewhere in the back of her mind, and the metallic taste of blood in her mouth, the sting of the safety belt digging into her skin and the smell of burning as everything descended into darkness.

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