Poem Stained Fingertips

"I may have poem stained fingertips but I have a tongue coated with a thousand pins of silence."
A refillable book of every idea and scrap that I can come up with. This will include everything from poems, short stories, metaphors and microfiction.
AKA: a fancier name than the actual word document (Bits and Bobs)


3. Poem Stained Fingertips - Poem


I brought a poetry book to our first date,

In hopes that it would arm my tongue with metaphors,

And my lips with casual Romanticism.


But all words painted themselves onto you

And made you effortlessly into a


Like you weren’t already decorated

In broad sweeps of Surrealism.


Each laugh was coated with rhyme

And each hand through the hair was thick

With allusion.

You were full of breathless sighs

And brilliant down to the very last pause.


When we parted the words finally came

To me,

And filled my mouth full of misdeeds;

Of lost opportunities and

Next time promises.


I may have poem stained fingertips,

Now restored however late,

But I have a tongue coated with a thousand

Pins of silence.


You still have rays of excellence,

Shining like an archaic word never found

And I will bask in your brilliance

And hope that the poetry book

Won’t come late

When I meet you next.


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