Halloween Night Camp A novel

Halloween Night Camp is the newest attraction for teenagers in New York. When Stella Rhodes, and her friends, arrive there on October 31 2017, they comes face to face with all kinds of monsters.


7. Halloween Night Camp A novel-Seven


We saw another witch.

She had black hair, hazel eyes, and tall. She wore a red dress, black stockings around her legs, and black boots on her feet; she also was wearing a dragon wedding ring on her right middle finger. "Roderick, it's time to see your father. And go to bed", she uttered. "Yes, mom. This is Delia, my mother. Mom, this is my friends", he said proudly; he waited until she spoke. "Greetings. As you've known, there's dark wizards around here. I've come to warn you, Roderick to keep you safe", she said. "Dark wizards! They're in the Realms", Roderick gasped. "They can go anywhere they want to go", Delia told her son. "The Realms! No one wants to go there", Isobel said. She took out her I-phone, and downloaded The Realms app. Once it was loaded, she scanned the area of the camp. "It's just outside the woods", she added. And I gasped as a swirling mass appeared...and four Dark Wizards appeared like magic, and saw us. "Delia, it's time to oversee the camp", Bertrand R. Nathaniel said. She nodded. "Mom, you're working for the Dark Wizards. Where's father? Is he alright? Where is he?", he asked her. She shook her head. She let them walk towards us. They tapped the soft ground with their staffs, as the ground erupted like a volcano. And then we saw a man was screaming. It was Roderick's father. He was being held captive by other Dark Wizards. "We are the new owners of Halloween Night Camp, not Cynthia", Bertrand answered. "Get him here", Roderick yelled. Bertrand laughed. "They can be arranged if you obey us", he suggested. "No, I won't", he stated. And then Cynthia, and the other vampires, appeared.

She was angry.

"There'll be no evil magic at Halloween Night Camp", she said. Bertrand bowed. "This is a vision of Roderick's father's fate. Of course, if you file papers for us to own the camp, it'll be better for you", Bertrand stated. He waved at the other Dark Wizards with his hands, and they disappeared.

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