Head over Heels 3

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48. actions have consequence

He carried me to his room and laid me on the bed, taking his shirt off revealing his body covered with tattoos. I kicked off my shoes sliding my pants and shirt off, as I watched him reach for his belt to take it off. After he got undressed, he got onto the bed, kissing up my body.

“Are you ready?” He asks.

“Yeah. I’m ready.” I replied. He takes my underwear off, grabbing both of my legs pulling me closer to him, as he stuck himself inside of me. I moaned inside his mouth, biting and pulling on his bottom lip. After a while, we both snuggled up to each other as he played in my hair. I looked up at him as he’s staring into space. I smiled and kissed his cheek.

“Hey, why are you staring at me like that?” He asks.

“No reason. Just happy that’s all. Happy I’m here with you.” I said intertwining my fingers through his. He smiles too and kisses my hand. “How was your day?”

“It was good. Even though I did take off for an hour to support this amazing person in my life. You did good.”

“Thank you. Wouldn’t be doing this if it weren’t for you. It looked like you were nervous.”

“Yeah. Can I tell you something? Something that I’ve never shared with anyone?”

“Yeah, of course.”

“Okay. Believe it or not..I’m a very shy person.”

“No way, seriously? It doesn’t seem like you’re an introvert. So you’re shy around lots of people or...what?”

“I don’t do videos, I mean I take pictures of myself every now and then. I barely talk, but once I got into the Army that kinda changed. But I still have trouble talking to people. I mean girls, it’s different, they approach me so I barely do any talking.”

“Wow, so, are you shy around me?” I asked.

“No. I mean at first, yeah...I was. I’m a very private person. Still getting down and dirty since I’m working in construction. even though I’m still a clean freak.” He laughs.

“You know what I think? I think that I challenge you to do things you’ve never done before. I knew you were a clean freak because of the way you dressed and carried yourself. But shaking random people hands trying to prove a point to me, changed all of that. I understand being private, nothings wrong with that. I think it’s a good thing. But I honestly can’t believe you’re shy. I think it’s cute. It just caught me by surprise, you know with you being a player and all.”

“I get that a lot. I just never found the interest in social media. So I don’t use it. I don’t want to be that person.”

“I’m not judging, I was like that too before I moved to Cali. But, I started dating a celebrity and things changed. So, did you just want me to stay a while so that we could have sex? I could leave you know.”

“Adrian this isn’t just a hit and quit. I thought you knew that by now. I’m not like that. Especially if it’s with a person I really like. Look, I don’t want you to go, even if we did have sex. We don’t always have to have sex. We can just talk, enjoy each other’s company. I meant it when I said you should move in. I know it’s a lot to think about especially with me just asking you that from out of nowhere but, take all the time you need. I’m not rushing you. But I would love to make you breakfast in bed. I am a badass cook.”

“You are. Fine, you can make breakfast but don’t tell me what you’re going to make. I at least want to be surprised. I’m going to bed.”

“I’ll go check on the kids, put them in the other bedroom. Goodnight.” He says getting up. I rolled over on the other side of the bed, cutting the lamp off heading to sleep. I woke up to the smell of bacon, I picked up my phone checking the time that read 7:30 AM. I sat up and rubbed my eyes taking a deep breath. “Hey, you’re up. Good morning.” He says with a smile upon his face.

“Yeah. I slept good, it’s been a while. And good morning to you too. Where’s Audrey and Issac?”

“School. They both ate breakfast and I dropped them off. Everything’s good. Can’t believe Audrey is in first grade. God she’s growing by the minute. Here you go.” He says sitting the tray on the dresser.

“Thank you, it smells amazing. I remember you used to bring me breakfast in bed when I was pregnant. I loved waking up to the smell of fresh orange juice.”

“Yeah. I remember. You always had that smile on your face when I brought it to you. I really didn’t want to hurt you Adrian. I couldn’t risk putting you through that. I was playing this game once, a war game and, everything was fine until..until I smelt something burning on the stove, I got flashbacks. I went crazy and, destroyed the house, Jessa...she was scared. The cops was called and, everything was a misunderstanding. She told me that I needed help, that, she couldn’t help me and we needed some time apart. I tried my best to fix it. I apologized to her and, I was thinking that could’ve been you. I even tried to kill myself that night. I literally put a gun in my mouth, I guess I was too afraid to pull the trigger because, I knew Audrey would miss me. I can’t put her through that, my family...you. I’m just happy that, I’m better, and you know you were there for me when she gave up on me.”

“I would never give up on you. I mean she’s been in the same position as you, may not have seen the same things as you but...clearly I’m the only one that understands what you been through. I found my passion in something, wanting to help thousands maybe millions of people who are just like you. I could’ve found a better job for you instead of having my boss do it.”

“Hey, it’s okay. I’m very grateful for where I am now. I had to do something to provide for my daughter.”

“I’m still surprised that Audrey’s your first.”

“I’m very careful when it comes to sex with randoms. But you, you’re different. So, about tonight, I was thinking we should do dinner, a fancy dinner of course, maybe go to the movies, have a walk on the Malibu beach, and then afterwards I could draw you a bath, and give you a foot massage.”

“You’re spoiling me already and we’re not even dating. You’re quite the romantic.”

“I try. Happy you got some rest though. You don’t deserve to stay in a hotel to avoid what happened. I’m gonna take a shower, I have work in thirty. Enjoy your breakfast.” He says going into the bathroom. I ate an orange slice out of the fruit bowl, beginning to eat. I heard a knock on the door, I got up and grabbed Derek’s shirt slipping it on walking to the door.

“Hi, sorry I didn’t know Derek had company. I’m Wendy, his neighbor, you must be Adrian.”

“Yeah. I’m- I’m Adrian. If you need him he’s in the shower. Would you like to come in?”

“Oh no, that’s okay. I didn’t want anything, I just wanted to talk to him about something.”

“Okay. I can tell him that you stopped by.”

“No that’s okay. It’s a pleasure meeting you Adrian.” She says walking away. I slowly closed the door getting this awkward feeling about what just happened.

“Who was that?” He asks.

“Um, no one. Why you ask?”

“I heard a knock on the door. Who was it? Was it Wendy?”

“Uh, yeah. It was her. You know these girls can’t leave you alone. I invited her inside but, she didn’t want to come in. And she also didn’t want me to tell you that she came by. I’m guessing you have something that makes them come back to you.”

“Something like that. I’m sure she just wants a real explanation why I ended things. She met you so, it’s pretty obvious. It’s nothing personal. She’s just some girl next door I had sex with. And I see she’s getting attached.”

“We can stop this if you want. I don’t want to feel like I’m getting in the way.”

“Are you kidding me. I don’t care about her. She wasn’t suppose to get attached, that was our deal. I told her that, you and I might end up somewhere in the future. I wasn’t sure. But, I had a feeling. I wasn’t planning for any of this but, I did have a feeling that we would have another shot at something. That’s only if you wanted to.”

“I can see that happening. Maybe not right at this second but, yeah. I can definitely see us being together again.” I said smiling. “But I don’t want anyone knowing about what we’re doing. I mean Kristie knows, and I’m sure Kathy does too but, I’m not ready for everyone else to know yet.”

“Yeah, sure. I can be your little secret until further notice.” He says, I chuckled and rolled my eyes. “I’m gonna get dressed.” He says walking into the bedroom. I followed him and ate breakfast. I went into the bathroom, brushing my teeth and washing my face. I grabbed my clothes and slipped them on before I grabbed my keys making my way to the door.

“Hey, hey, hey. Are you leaving without saying goodbye?” Derek asks grabbing my hand.

“Sorry, I’m just in a hurry, I’m just going to the hotel to take a shower. Aren’t you suppose to be at work by now?”

“I have ten more minutes. And we could’ve showered together, I understand if you were scared.”

“I am not scared. I was just enjoying my delicious breakfast, thanks for that by the way. I can see you doing that every morning but, why don’t I cook for you one day.”

“Okay. I would love that. I’ll take care of Wendy. I’ll talk to her.”

“Oh please don’t. I told her I wouldn’t.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t mention your name, only if it comes up.” He says, I scoffed, lightly punching his shoulder. “I’m joking, I’m joking. By the way, if we’re doing lunch, my mom decided to invite herself.” He says wrapping his arms around my waist.

“Okay, that’s fine. I miss her anyways. I literally need to get in contact with Patricia anyways. See how her and the family are holding up. I don’t want her to think I forgot about her. And I also need to check up on his dad, they really didn’t speak much after he got released from prison. Maybe I should invite them for dinner one day, that’ll be nice.”

“Yeah. It would be nice for the family to get together again. We should all get together, for him. Seems like since he passed, we all aren’t the same anymore. Maybe it was an eye opener for us.”

“Yeah. Um, was everything okay with dropping the kids off. Issac didn’t give you trouble did he?”

“No. Of course not. What? You think I can’t handle Issac?”

“No, what? No of course not. I think you can handle him better than I can. He is a mess to be a one year old. Reminds me a lot like Justin, and Audrey when she was little. I just hate that he will never get to see him grow up. Not knowing who his dad is. I’m trying to keep it together.”

“I know. No one is rushing you.” He says, I gave him a slight smile and kissed him.

“I don’t want you to be late so, I will see you at lunch. Have a good day.”

“Thanks, you too. I’ll pick you up.” He says. I smiled and left. Once I showered and got ready for work, it felt good being back. I’ve been busy being this successful entrepreneur, I barely have time being a surgeon.

“Glad you’re back, how are you and the family?” David asks.

“We’re getting there. I decided to start over and move on. I’ve been so busy with meetings and press conferences I barely have time being here. I miss helping out.”

“We all missed you, but it’s a good thing what you’re doing for the rest of the vets. Justin would be proud. Maybe your kids will grow up and take over, if they’re interested in helping out.”

“Oh don’t worry. Audrey helped me with a fundraiser, she enjoyed helping them. She knows about Justin and, I think she’s going to be okay now. She was so used to seeing him and playing soccer with her. I know she’ll miss that. He was a good stepdad to her. Part of me believes he’s not dead, I don’t know why I believe that but I do, and not just spiritually. But, I’m moving forward. He really is dead and I can’t bring him back so, I decided to move here to L.A.”

“That’s good. I’m happy for you. It’s hard going back to Cali and being surrounded by his things, making everything remind you of him. What’s going to happen to the house? The cars?”

“I’m selling the house, and I don’t know about the cars. Maybe I’ll sell those too, I don’t know what to do. I’ll figure it out. Not now but, once I get everything situated.”

“Sounds like a plan. Well, you have work to do. Good to have you back.” He says walking off. I knew I had work to do. I didn’t mind though, I loved being back.

“Hey, sorry for just popping up like this. I just wanted to see you.” Patricia says.

“Hey, I’m so happy to see you Patricia. How are you?” I asked standing up to hug her.

“I’m good, I’m good. What about you? How are you holding up?”

“I’m okay. Still struggling with everything but, I’m doing okay. So are the kids. I think about him all the time, I’m really sorry if I just showed up.”

“It’s okay Patricia. You’re always welcomed here, busy or not. I think about him too don’t worry. I’m trying to move on but I’m still hesitant about it.”

“That’s good. Moving on is best for you, I know he wouldn’t want you to be depressed and alone. Are you seeing someone? You can tell me if you are, no judgment here.”

“Um, yeah. We’re not exclusive or anything but, yeah you could say that I’m seeing someone. I still love Justin though.”

“I know sweetie. I know. I’m happy for you, you’ve found something to look forward to and that’s moving on with someone you like. Whoever he is, I hope he makes you happy and also your kids. You deserve happiness after everything, we both do. I was a shitty mother before but thanks to you, we reunited. I don’t know where I would be if we never fixed our relationship. Anywho, I know in his will he left you the house along with money and his other things-“

“I didn’t want the money. I just put it in a bank account for Audrey and Issac until they turned 18. I didn’t want anything from Justin. And I’m selling the house. If you would like to keep it, I would be happy giving it to you.”

“Oh no. I can’t live there, but thanks for offering. I think it’s a good idea to save the money for the kids. I don’t think anything horrible about you Adrian. You were apart of my sons life, he changed his life for you. He really loved you. And I know you loved him. We all loved him. Jeremy is still taking it pretty hard. He won’t talk to me.”

“Same with Kathy. I mean I spoke to her but, she still needs time to adjust to everything so, while she was absent from my life since the funeral, Derek has been there for me.”

“You’re seeing Derek?” She asks happily.

“Um, yeah. I mean we’re not dating just...hanging out. I told him that I thought about inviting you to dinner. Just to see how you were doing, I didn’t want you to think we forgot about you.”

“Of course not. And you and Derek look great together, you’ve dated before and I think you were perfect together. He made you happy. And I think he can be able to do that again. He’s a sweet guy.”

“Yeah. He is.” I said smiling at her.

“Oh um, about dinner. I’m free next week. I was just in the neighborhood and dropped by to see you. I was afraid you wouldn’t be here since you’re a busy woman now.” She says, I laughed.

“Yeah, that’s true. But, I’m here until further notice. I love my job and helping people like Derek. He’s the whole reason all of this is happening. I figured that if I could help him, I could help others too. I really loved Justin Patricia, and I know loving another guy wasn’t a great feeling for him. I put him through a lot and- he didn’t deserve it.”

“Trust me sweetie, we all put our significant others through hell. That’s what relationships are about. It happens, it’s normal.”

“It shouldn’t be. I can’t take back what I did to him, but he knew I loved him and Derek, and it was hard for me but I married Justin. Because I loved him more. He saved my life when my ex was abusing me, I thought I owed him.”

“You didn’t owe him anything, he did that out of love. Because he cared. It’s hard being in love with two guys, I understand and I’m not mad. At least I know that Justin had a soft spot for you. And you’re family. You’ve been through a lot, and you’re stronger than ever. You’re brave, you didn’t let anything stop you from becoming who you are today. I’m proud of you. If you’re afraid what people may think or say about you seeing Derek, don’t be. You’re allowed to see other people and move on, you have my blessing.”

“Thank you Patricia.”

“If Derek is your something to look forward to, then I’m happy for you. I’m sure he would’ve wanted you to be Derek anyways. I gotta go, I’ll chat with you later.” She says hugging me. “I love you Adrian.”

“I love you too. Take care, and please don’t be a stranger. Call, text, visit..anything. I wouldn’t mind.”

“I will, bye.” She says leaving. I sighed and finished filing papers.

“Hey, ready to go?” Derek asks sneaking up behind me.

“Jesus Derek you scared me. What are you doing here?”

“It’s lunch Adrian. I told you I would come pick you up. You forgot?”

“Oh, shit. Sorry, I didn’t know the time was passing by me. It’s been a busy day.”

“Yeah, I can see that. I can come back if you want-“

“No. That’s okay, im happy to see you. Let’s go.” I said grabbing my things, walking out of the hospital with him. Grabbing lunch with Carmen made me nervous for some reason, Derek and I were both nervous I guess because there was an awkward silence between the three of us.

“So, how are you doing Adrian?” Carmen starts off.

“I’m good Carmen, I’m good. Taking it one day at a time. The kids are fine, well, Audrey is fine, Derek told her what happened to Justin and, she was pretty upset about it. But I think she’s doing okay for now.”

“God, I wish she didn’t have to go through that. Justin was amazing to her, and Derek and I can both agree on that.”

“Yeah, he was. He loved me..and, I guess hating an innocent kid wasn’t going to change anything. Not that he hated her, I think he hated the fact that she wasn’t his biologically. But Derek wanted him to adopt her and he did it. I’m hoping she’ll be okay.”

“She will. She’s a kid and, I know losing someone so young can be hard. And she has to be hurt, just so she can feel better. Going through it is tough but, it doesn’t last forever. It takes time. Same goes for Issac. We should all get together and have a beautiful service together for him. I know Kathy is MIA but, she’ll come along. So, anything new that’s happening? What’s going on with you two?” She asks sipping her tea. Derek and I both looked at each other not knowing what to say.

“Well, we’re just talking, for now.” Derek says.

“Talking? What the hell is just talking? What are you kids coming up with these days you’re either dating or you’re not.”

“Mom, that means we’re not talking to anyone else, but when the time is right, we’ll start dating.”

“So its a pending relationship then. Oh okay, that’s nice. You’re taking it slow, that’s good. I’m happy for you guys. I can see you getting married for real this time Derek. Anywho, thank you for inviting me to lunch sweetie, you didn’t have to.”

“I didn’t. You invited yourself.” He says checking his phone. “I gotta take this, I’ll be back.” He says getting up leaving.

“So, good news. I bought the house on the ranch across from your moms and I figured that since Issac and Audrey loves being out there. I would hire the company that Derek is working for to fix it up for me.”

“That’s great news. I think you’ll love it here in L.A. You’re basically living here anyways.”

“Yeah. It’s great here, my job is here and Derek is here. He keeps me company, he’s been there for me since the beginning actually. He’s the only guy I trust with my life. I really want to go ahead and go out with him but, I don’t know. I just don’t want to rush things.”

“Then don’t, listen. Derek will always be here for you and the kids. You have enough time to figure out what you want to do. He’s not forcing you or anything. He’s a great guy, I’m happy he came out of his shyness. Did he tell you that?”

“Yeah, it was hard to believe but I can see it. He’s a very private person and I like that about him. He’s patient, he’s sweet, he’s smart and so loving. I can literally go on and on about your son.”

“Yeah. Kevin and I did a great job raising him. I was worried at first, seeing different girls every other day. He rarely brings them to the house but...when he did, I knew it wasn’t going to last. But, it was different with you and not because you were pregnant by him. Because I can actually tell he adores the hell out of you. By the way, I’m keeping the kids tonight he has something special planned for you guys and I’m happy you’re getting out and enjoying yourself. Especially with him. He wasn’t the romantic type at first but, I may have given him a few pointers. Don’t tell him I told you that, he wants you to think he can do it on his own, and he’s trying. I think moving out to the ranch is a good thing for you and the kids. My parents will keep you company, I promise you. I’m going to get out of your hair so, I hope it goes well for you two. We have to catch up so, don’t hesitate to call. See you soon.” She says leaving.

“What happen? Did she leave?”

“Yeah, I guess she wanted us to have some alone time or something. Everything okay?”

“Um, no. It’s Audrey. The school called me and she’s been crying. I talked to her on the phone and she doesn’t sound so good.”

“Okay, well we can go get her. I mean I know we both have to get back to work but I can take the rest of the day off.”

“It’s your first day back and I don’t want you to take off. I got it handled. I’ll make sure she’s okay. I don’t know maybe I’ll go up there and talk to her instead of taking her out of school, depends how she’s feeling.

“David doesn’t care, I’ll start where I left off tomorrow. This is important to me, wanting to be there for my daughter, this is about Justin and I know it is.” I said, he nods his head helping me up. I didn’t want to stay in the car to see what’s going on. But I did stay in the hallway until Derek came back. “Hey, wrong?” I asked him.

“I talked to the principal and she told me that. Audrey punched a kid in the face. Supposedly another girl was bullying her and talked shit about Justin. She lost it and punched her.”

“Oh, good. She deserves it.”

“Adrian I had to talk the principal out of expelling her. She’s just acting out.”

“Derek, she deserves to act out. She deserves to feel whatever she feels and if another person has something to say about it, especially talking shit about him, then they deserve to be punched.”

“I understand where you’re coming from, I do. But actions have consequence. I get it I would be pissed off too if I were her. That doesn’t mean she can go around hitting people, you know that. Look, what that kid said to her was fucked up. Audrey is allowed to feel however she wants since she knows about Justin. But do you think if he was here today he would be proud of her for that? What do you think he would say?”

“I don’t know. I know that he would say that it’s wrong, and that in some situations depending on what it is, it’s okay to do that. But you can’t tell me she didn’t deserve it.”

“Okay, see it this way, if someone came up to you and said some messed up things about him, would you react differently?”

“No. I wouldn’t. I would do the same thing Audrey did. It’s not okay to speak ill on a dead person. But, then again that’s not who I am so....I think you’re right.”

“You think?” He laughed.

“Okay fine, you’re right. I should set an example for her, and Issac. It’s not okay. But it’s also not okay for a person to say something like that to her, doesn’t matter what it is.”

“Yeah, you’re right it isn’t okay. I know you’re upset but she’s a kid. Kids say dumb shit all the time. She’s getting her things, hopefully we can both talk some sense into her.”

“Okay. Fine, I’ll be in the car. I hate it when you’re right, that’s something I’ll have to get used to.” I replied. He smiles and kisses my forehead while holding my hand. I smiled and looked up at him, giving him a small kiss on the lips before I walked off.

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