Maiden with Eyes of Blue

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Minerva Salvatore is a new student making her move to the city of Domino. Upon settling into her new home, she makes new friends, and reunite with a blue eyed boy from her childhood with an affinity for white dragons.
What will happen when card games and mystical items with a connection to ancient Egypt get thrown into the mix?
(Kaiba x OC) (fluff/eventual smut)


2. Maiden with Eyes of Blue - Prologue.

Hey everyone, sorry for taking so long on this chapter, I had a lot going on and couldn't find the time. This takes place seven years before the beginning of the series and serves as an introductory of sorts, sorry again if it falls a little flat.

Disclaimer: Yu-Gi-Oh! belongs to Konami and the brilliant mind of Kazuki Takahashi. Minerva belongs to me.

*** ***

Seven years ago..

For years afterward, Minerva would remember the party that started everything for her. The party responsible for introducing her to the boy who'd later play a rather important role in her life...

Hundreds of people were present at the party hosted by business tycoon and chess champion Gozaburo Kaiba. Expensive cars lined both sides of the street leading up to a large, elaborately decorated white mansion. 

Parties like these were not uncommon in Gozaburo's life.

He had all sorts of bashes like this to celebrate his most recent success or that new weapon breakthrough. Everyone of importance got invited, coming together in their fine cocktail dresses and suits to talk about stock exchange and Lila from accounting as if either are interesting. 

Inside, couples and their children, all of whom dressed to the nines, were huddled together as they talked. Amidst the crowd of party goers, a man and his daughter watch the festivities taking place around them.

Minerva Salvatore was ten years old, and at the peak of her cuteness.

Her white locks had been spun up snuggly into a flower shaped french braid, where little blue petals pinned it all together. She wore a royal blue dress with a white sash that went around her and tied into a large bow at the back. 

Bright blue eyes flicker back and forth, watching the men and women in their glamorous suits and gowns walk around.

Minerva's father, Giuseppe Salvatore, stood off to the side of her, his hands clasped behind his back and mouth set into a firm line as he eyed a familiar face in the crowd.

Adolf von Schroeder, the president of Schroeder Corps. located in Germany, stepped into view with his son, Zigfried, a boy with dark pink hair fashioned in the most unusual style, the same age as Minerva, following close behind. 

Minerva thought they both looked rather girly. 

"Oh grande, the Schroeders are here." Giuseppe sneered, watching as father and son make their way to where he and his daughter stood. 'The family of losers.. who in the hell invited them? What could they possibly want?' 

"What is the matter, papa?" Minerva tilted her head upwards at Giuseppe, quickly taking notice of his changed demeanor: tight lips, eyes narrowed into hateful slits. In a flash, both were gone and her father forced a smile onto his face.

"Nothing my sweet Minnie." 

Minerva resisted the urge to roll her eyes. How she hated being called Minnie, it reminded her of the mouse on that american cartoon. She preferred being called just Minerva or Vera, if you were close enough to her. Now is not the time to point that fact out.

"Fancy seeing you here, Herr Salvatore." Adolf greeted, his lips pulled back into a grin as forced as Giuseppe's smile. "Have you met my son Zigfried?" He gestured to the boy at his side, the same boy more intent on paying attention to Minerva than to the introductions. 

"I happen to be close friends to the host. Of course I'd be invited to his events." he retorted. "Can't say I have." Giuseppe didn't like the way the boy kept staring at his daughter. "This is my daughter, Minerva Salvatore." 

Adolf nodded in acknowledgement.

"Lovely, so very lovely. Your beauty puts the most beautiful of flowers to shame Frau Salvatore." 

Minerva felt a shudder go up and down her spine at the boy's attempt to flirt. Her father scowled. "Thank you." She'll be polite for her father and for Signore Gozaburo, that's all Minerva will be. 

Zigfried extended a hand and when Minerva took his in hers, he turned her hand over to kiss the back. If the look on Giuseppe's face was anything to go by and looks were weapons of mass destruction, Zigfried would be dead and his body planted under the orange lilies in the backyard of the Salvatore estate.

Minerva made a point of wiping the back of her hand on her skirts the moment Zigfried turned his attention away to look up at his father. An action her father took notice of and smiled, approvingly. 

"Gentlemen, I trust you find the party to your enjoyment." 

Giuseppe and Gozaburo knew each other since they both were young boys even younger than Minerva currently, some could even say they're good friends.

As close a friendship as one could have in their kind of business involved with running companies responsible for the manufacturing and dealing of military arms, Emerald Shipping located in America and Kaiba Corp. located in Japan, respectively.

Gozaburo had on his usual attire for the event, this consisted of a red business suit, black tie, and a white dress shirt. All the times Minerva found herself in his company, he always seemed to wear the same red suit and she often wondered if that is all he had to wear.

Even though he always been kind to Minerva, she always found herself unnerved by her father's friend. 

Two boys accompanied Gozaburo, the younger of the two held onto the arm of the older boy and stayed half hidden behind him. The older boy, however, kept watching Minerva. She swore that she saw a hint of blush on his cheeks.

"I wanted to thank you for the invitation, Mr. Kaiba." 

"Thank you, Mr. Schroeder." 

"You've really outdone yourself old friend. This is the best party to date." Giuseppe looks down and sees the two boys. "Is this the lad you wrote to me about? You always did have an eye for quality, he'll make a right fine successor." 

"Yes, I'll see to it that he does," Gozaburo's face lit up with a rarely seen smile when it fell on Minerva. A smile that never failed to creep her out. "My, my, how you've grown. How old are you now?" 

"Thank you," Minerva replied, looking up at Gozaburo. "I'm ten years old." 

Gozaburo sipped Sancerre from a glass, one hand in his suit pocket and watched the father and daughter pair as they talked. He felt like complimenting Giuseppe on his upbringing of the child as he thought of the pair of orphans he now found himself bringing up. 

He frowned and narrowed eyes at Seto and his nuisance of a brother, Mokuba, the latter of whom hid from his glare. Gozaburo was positive this was because of the incident that occurred earlier in the day. He would not tolerate such behavior.

Mokuba had walked in unannounced when he had strictly been telling Seto of his duties and future responsibilities. Gozaburo was deeply unsatisfied with his efforts of recent and rose from his chair, walking over to where the small brown haired boy stood in the center of the room. He raised a hand and swiftly struck it across Seto's face, asserting his authority. 

Seto winced but silenced himself, not wanting to give the man reason to hit him harder. He gritted his teeth as Gozaburo's hand slapped across his face, leaving behind a red impression where he got struck. Mokuba jumped out just as Gozaburo drew his hand back to repeat the action, wrapping his arms around Seto's waist, crying and screeching as loud as his lungs allowed him. 

"I'd love to introduce my adopted son, Seto." Gozaburo said, forgetting about Mokuba entirely. Mokuba was of little importance to him. If Seto would one day take over his company, he might as well ease him into his world and the sooner the better.

"As I'm sure you already know, your son Seto is the talk of the town. Believe me, I can relate. My son too is a child prodigy and he won't lose to him," Adolf turned to Giuseppe next. "or to your precious daughter."  

"You Schroeders are such talk. Is that why you came tonight? To try and one-up Gozaburo and I?" Giuseppe spat back.

"It's not like I hadn't already one-up you, Herr Salvatore. The Salvatore's never had a female successor for your shipping company, so really, what is the point of bringing the child along. Once you go auf wiedersehen, so will your company." Adolf shrugged and Giuseppe clinched a fist, about ready to flatten the elder pinkette. 

Minerva sighed, listening to the adults bicker like children. Parties like these bored her immensely, she'd much rather be in the library reading or practicing Bach and Beethoven on the piano. 

"You two seemed to be as thrilled about this party as I am," Zigfried spoke, addressing Minerva and Seto, but ignoring Mokuba completely. "How 'bout I liven things up and make things interesting, nein?" 

Just after he said that, the lights in the grand hall began to flicker and the once loud crowd died down to hushed whispers. Seto and Mokuba stared at Zigfried, their eyes wide and mouths agape. 

Minerva rolled her eyes and scoffed, not amused. "You find these type of shenanigans amusing, do you?" 

"Ja, when you live alone you tend to partake in your own projects. I dabble in technology you see." Zigfried sniggered, turning his attention to Seto. "It'd be in your best interest if we were friends not enemies." 

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