Puppy Love

Highschool can be hard, especially in a new school. Well almost new. For Runa Ueyama, it is even harder to came back and go to highschool with your elementary school classmates. Especially since she still has a crush on Kiba Inuzuka. He doesn't notice her until someone spreads a rumor about her drawings.


Author's note

Yep. I am back with another one. Hey I thought sine the first one went good, i could do another without any problems.

2. Long Time No See

*Runa's P.O.V.*


"K-Kiba." I stared at him for a few seconds before Naruto helped me up. Kiba looked at me weirdly. "Come on Akamaru." And with that he walked back to a desk. I turned to Naruto. "Holy Shit!" Naruto chuckled. "Yup. That's how he is now."  Ino walked over to me. "Ok well you get to sit next to Mr. Doggy over there. Meaning Kiba." I looked at her and then over at Kiba and sighed. "It is going to be a long year." I turned and went over to my new desk. I sat down without looking at Kiba. 'This is going to be a long year.' I thought. I turned and faced the teacher completely ignoring the person next to me. Of course that was until the person on the other side of me tapped my shoulder. "Runa? Is that you?" I turned and faced them. "Shikamaru? Wow. I guess I have been gone way to long." I chuckled. "You look so different. But you act exactly the same. I could tell by the way you ignored Kiba when you sat down." I frowned. "Let's not talk about that please." And then the bell rang and class began. The class dragged on. 

Finally the bell rang. But as I got up to leave I bumped into Kiba and nearly fell. It was another person who caught me. "Be careful Runa. You mustn't be so clumsy." I stood up and turned around to face the person. "Shino?" He looked at me. "Yes? Oh you were just checking." I rolled my eyes and grabbed my stuff and went over to Naruto. "Hey idiot! Where is Sasuke?" Before Naruto could say anything someone hugged me from behind and lifted me off the ground. "You were looking for me? Well I am right here." I yelled. "Sasuke! Put me down!" He chuckled and set me back on the ground. "Well hello to you too, Runa." I turned around. "Hello." I said, annoyed. He rolled his eyes. "So what class do you have next?" I sighed. "I actually have an open period next. But after that is gym, which I am not looking forward to." Sasuke sighed. "Aww. I wanted to walk you to class." I chuckled "Well you can still walk me down to the Library." Sasuke smiled. "Ok." And with that we left to go to the library.

Sasuke dropped me off and then went to class. I walked in and was surprised when I was once again tackled by Akamaru. I giggled as he licked my face. "Hey buddy. I need to get up." He got off of me and let me get up. Once I was standing again I pet his head. Of course that was until I saw a pair of feet appear beside Akamaru. I looked up and it was once again Kiba. He was looking at me. "I so sorry about him. He never does this. I guess he really likes you." I looked up at him and smiled. "He's fine. I am kinda used to it." Kiba half smiled. "Ok. But I will still try to keep him from doing that." I nodded. "Ok." He looked down at Akamaru. "Come on Buddy let's leave her alone." He and Akamaru started walking away, but Akamaru turn his head towards me and whimpered. All I could do was smile weakly. Once they disappeared behind a book shelf I went up to the library clerk and asked her where I could find research books on bonds with animals and animal behavior. She smiled and pointed in a direction. "They on that shelf to the right." I smiled back. "Thank you." I walked over there and grabbed the ones that looked and sounded best. I went and checked them out and sat down at a table. I sat there until the next bell rang.

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