Wonderland Descendants

A Descendant fanfic with the descendants of Wonderland characters. Hope you like it.


Author's note

Sorry if it's not as good as you expected.

1. A Wonderlandiful Idea



               My brother and I wandered around Wonderland looking for our friends. We had just gotten an idea, a Wonderlandiful idea and we need to find our friends so they can help us. Oh, I'm sorry, We haven't introduced ourselves. I am Cherry Cheshire and my brother  is Cinder. We're the identical twin brother and sister of the Cheshire cat from Wonderland. You'll meet our friends later. Back to the story though, Cinder decided we should check the Mad Hatter's Tea shop where we hoped to find our friend Madison Hatter, the Mad Hatter's daughter. You'll learn more about Madison when you meet her. We arrive at the Mad Hatter's Tea shop.  We enter the shop and an energetic, wild hair, and exceptionally crazy Madison greeted us in a Wonderland waitress outfit. She could tell we had something to tell her. Her shift was almost over so we decided to order some Wonderland Unicorn muffins and Heart lattes as we waited. She went upstairs to change and then asked what we had to tell her. Cinder said she would have to wait until we found the others.

      So Madison, Cinder and I headed out to find Whitney White. We decided to go to the Wonderland library which is where Whitney spent most of her time. It also probably doesn't help that her father owns the library. We arrive at the library and we're all thinking "it's going to be hard to find Whitney". We decide to split up and look for her in different sections of the library. I took the fantasy fiction section, Cinder took the sci-fi section and Madison took the Wonderland history section. Cinder and I meet up at the front of the library. A few minutes later Madison joined us with a shy, book-holding and curious Whitney. We leave and head toward the White Queen's castle to find Quinn White, son of the White Queen. We arrived at the castle and asked the White Queen if Quinn was at home but unfortunately he wasn't. 

     We decided to go to the Queen of Hearts castle because sometimes Quinn went to the old courtyard to practice fencing. We arrived at the castle and found a blue and white-haired, and working Quinn in the courtyard but he wasn't practicing fencing. He was writing a poem for his boyfriend (Trouble). We don't know his boyfriend is though because he won't tell us.

   He got up and greeted us, then we headed out to find Catherine Pillar. We all agreed she was going be very hard to find. We head into the Wonderland forest and split up. We each took a section of the forest like we did in the library. I  take the mushroom garden, Cinder takes the rainbow tree glade, Madison takes madness corner, Whitney takes the bunny hill, and Quinn takes butterfly and caterpillar garden. We all met up in the center of the forest. The only one missing is Quinn. A few minutes later, Quinn joins us with a colorful winged, green haired, and brand-new looking Catherine. After finding Catherine, we went to the clock tower to get Timothy Time, son of Time. After we got Timothy, we all go to my house to tell everyone our idea but little did we know Double and Trouble were following us. Cinder and I introduced our idea. We would build a staircase in the rabbit hole and go to Auradon and then find a way to the Isle of The Lost. What we didn't know was that Double and Trouble heard our whole idea. Let's pause for a moment. You're probably wondering who Double and Trouble are. Well, Double is the daughter of Twiddle Dee and Trouble is the son of Twiddle Dumb. They're identical cousins and when they're around nothing good happens. Anyway, back to the story. We start building the staircase right away. In one weeks time, we are ready to go to Auradon. The day before we leave we find out Double and Trouble had been following us, so we were kind and let them come with us. Now, we have a friend who lives in Auradon, her name is Alex Wonderland, daugter of Alice. 

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