The Kringe BOOk 4 ?

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  • Publiceret: 16 aug. 2018
  • Opdateret: 19 aug. 2018
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Two part secual to a new face of evil, and mysterious things going on behind the fox island of, some shadows.. Yet the door is still yet to be discovered to help sam become his own one body..
What lies behind the two unknown doors... Hell or something else..


30. Last chapter door 1,,

What evil was leaving for just a while,... Sam heard himself escape soon the book had more about himself getting his own body back.. And finding a possible way out.. If he wanted? The very...shadow now seemed to have I'll forgotten, eye totally red it seemed to be faded yet suddenly horrifying around the house.. Something Just, lurking inside sam, wasnt alone his life lead new direction besides, one day figuring a way out! Nothing or nothing could of been told more scarier.. He always sit to look with one eye.. As the creepy one stood behind.. What, was looking out! This face seemed to be the same red eyed beast.. Or monster! Now a new face of evil.. Somehow brought around the clock..

Something though was still lurking outside....

Something someone, waiting for the unknown something...

The Lie, turned upside down into new and horrid, experiences now sam saw himself, begging for the very least amount of hirrid... Looks.. The scarier they seemed the more his eyes looked..

Shutting them was getting harder, yet he must not look behind him, the room had just, red and shallow gaffes marks upon it.. He could only guess that this monster was once something, but what??..

Guessing out he knew something else more horrid was, yet to come as he looked and saw the, similar sim ing outside,.. The closet and door was not there?.. It seeemd his second guess might be his last for now...

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