My Digital Sketchbook

Welcome to my Digital Sketchbook!

Since this website is about being creative, I wanted to include some of my art as I've been drawing a lot more lately. This sketchbook includes my OC's and art challenges. Sit back, relax and enjoy!

- Olivia Mcbear


1. Information

Hi! :D

So I know that I haven't been doing anything with this account recently... That's mainly down to two things;

*I've been writing my new story

*I've been getting back into drawing again!

So I thought, 'Hey, why don't I post some of my art on Movellas!'


Anyways, welcome to my digital sketchbook! This will probably include my main OC's, fanart, some art challenges and random characters from my new book. I won't really have a scheduled as when I draw it can be quite unpredictable as to when I'll finish the full drawing. Also, I will be posting pictures of the original sketches every so often, so be sure to keep up with that. If you have any good techniques for drawing/colouring then feel free to put them in the comments! Enjoy! :D

(Please don't use any of my artwork publicly unless I give you permission! Thanks.)


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