The Dragon king.

The Dragon king has been causing nothing but chaos and destruction. He was blessed by a sorceress to be a ruler. He was teased and ridiculed as he grew up and it caused him to become cruel.

The Dragon queen was blessed not even two years after on a summers night. She was blessed to be the kings heart. She comes to meet the dragon king and disagrees with how he has been acting. She has always had a big heart and this time she is using it to save the last humans living in her village.


5. The heart meets the Heartless

The rumor of the terror the dragon king had caused spread quickly from village to village. It didn’t take long for the knew to reach the far out village where Alesea lives. Fear spread through everyone in every village. Alesea’s parents were especially frightened. They knew they couldn’t say anything to their daughter of what she is even though they wanted to badly. They chose to stay away from her as much as possible until after she turns sixteen. Of course it hurt seeing the reaction she had given on her fifteenth birthday, but they knew the more time they spent with her the more likely one of them would slip and tell her.


Alesea didn’t understand and thought it was something she had done. She tried her best to do everything her parents asked of her and even did a little extra that was not required to hopefully have her parents finally forgive her for whatever she had done and spend time with her. Nothing worked. She would go to bed exhausted. Her parents never said goodnight and she felt lonely even with her friends.


She sighs as she picks up the newspaper. On the front is more news of this dragon king that keeps terrorizing village after village. It says he has attacked a village not far from hers. She rolls her eyes and throws the paper in the garbage. She walks inside and into her room knowing her parents won’t even give her the time of day. Her birthday is in two days and she just wishes it wouldn’t be her birthday at all. Why celebrate something when no one else she cares about will celebrate it with her?


She lies down on her bed and looks up at the ceiling which she decorated with pictures she had taken over the years. Everything that fascinated her she took a picture of. She smiles at the picture of her and her friends together. They had gone to a cave out in the woods out of there village. They had gotten in so much trouble that day. Their parents had grounded them for months when they found out.


She sits up as she hears a soft knock on her door. It slowly opens to reveal her friend Mia. Mia smile. “Hey soon to be sixteen. Come on Lees. Let’s go find something fun to do. You deserve a break. Plus I’ve missed hanging out with you.” She says.


Alesea rubs her arm. “I’m not really in the mood em.” She says


Mia sits on the bed next to her. “Hey just because your parents are total bums doesn’t mean you should let it get to you. We will have way more fun than they ever will.” She says hugging Alesea.


Alesea gives a small smile. “Alright. What’s the plan.”


Mia squeals and hugs her harder. “Ok we are celebrating your birthday a little early since all of us girls feel like it would be more amazing to do it out of your house since all you’ve been doing is staying in that house. You remember the cave in the woods?”


Alesea laughs. “Of course.”


Mia smiles. “We are having a two day party there. We’ve already talked to your parents about it. They think it’s fine. Now get your stuff together and lets get there.” She says grabbing a bag from Alesea’s closet and tosses it to her.


Alesea catches it. “Two day? So I’ll be coming back on my birthday?” She asks.


Mia nods. “Don’t worry my mom is going to be with us. She wouldn’t allow no parents. Of course since it’s your sixteenth birthday my mom thought it would be nice to go all out. Sweet sixteen and all.” She grabs a couple pairs of shirts and throws them at Alesea.


Alesea shoves them in her bag and grabs some pants as well as anything else she thinks she needs. “So what’s the plan while we’re there? Like what are we supposed to do in a cave?” She asks slinging the bag over her shoulder.


Mia smiles. “You’ll see.” She grabs Alesea’s arm and practically drags her out of the house. Alesea tries to keep up laughing.


“Hey slow down some Mia.” She says her bag bouncing painfully against her.


Mia looks at her apologetically. “Sorry I’m just excited. We had planned this out since your last birthday. We don’t want you to go through that again. You deserve to have fun and not feel like people don’t care.”


For Alesea to here that it meant a lot. She hugs Mia. “Thank you. You are amazing.” She says.


Mia hugs her back. “It’s no problem. Your my friend. This is what friends are for. Now come on. Gen and them are waiting.”


Alesea nods and they walk to the cave.


When they get there everything is already set up and her friends are in hiding. She looks around then at Mia. As soon as she faces Mia everyone jumps up and yells surprise causing her to jump in surprise and drop her bag.


They laugh and she’s engulfed in hugs and everyone says happy birthday. The once quiet forest becomes filled with laughter and talking as everyone finishes saying happy birthday.


Alesea bends down and goes to pick up her bag but another hand is on it before hers is. She looks up and stays frozen as she sees the guy she’s been crushing on since elementary school. His name Samuel and he is drop dead hot. Well at least to Alesea.


Samuel smiles and holds out her bag. “Here you go Lees.”


Alesea blushes and grabs it. “T Thank you.” She says and slings it back around her shoulder. She looks at her shoes.


Sam pats her on the back. “Happy early birthday.” Then he walks off to go join the crowd.


Alesea enjoys her birthday party more than she has in years. They had played hide and seek in the cave. Told scary stories. Even played truth or dare. Though she would have to say the highlight of her birthday party was when Sam was dared to kiss her on the lips.


Everyone went crazy. Alesea had blushed like crazy.


Mia’s mom had made a giant pile of blankets for all of of to sleep on. It was surprisingly comfortable.


The next day was cool too. She opened presents from her friends and they all explored the cave deeper than they had before.


She ended up getting lost. She looks around for her friends but they are nowhere to be seen. “Mia?...... Genevieve?...... Samuel?.....” She calls out. She gets no answer.


She stays still and looks around trying to remember the direction to the entrance of the cave. A hand grabs her shoulder and she screams. Another hand shoots out and covers her mouth. “Shush child. You are in no danger.” The Sorceress says.


Alesea relaxes and the Sorceress removes her hands. “Seems you have lost your way little one. I will help you find your way but I suggest you go to your village once you are out. I believe your friends think you are already at home.”


Alesea frowns. She has heard about the Sorceress from school but never has she remembered meeting her. She can’t help but be skeptical.


The Sorceress waves her hand and the cave lights up. She smiles at Alesea. “Well let’s go. Can’t leave your friends to freak out anymore than they already are.”


Alesea nods. “I’ve heard about you. Your the sorceress right?” She asks.


The Sorceress’s smile widens. “Smart girl. Yes Alesea I’m the Sorceress. Now we shall continue this conversation once I get you out of the cave and back to your house.” She says. The sorceress knows it won’t be at Alesea’s house but she can’t have the girl knowing that. The Sorceress hold out her hand. “Ready?”


Alesea nods and takes the Sorceresses hand. A sensation of falling goes through her and she closes her eyes trying not to scream. Almost as soon as it comes it’s gone and she stays still for a couple seconds before opening her eyes. The sound of fire crackling and screams fill her ears. Her heart drops. She looks around and sees the Sorceress nowhere in sight. Alesea curses and runs toward the village.


Flames are everywhere and many are injured from what she could tell. Woman were crying holding their children protectively. The thing that frightened Alesea the most was the sight of her parents on the ground holding each other with a giant dragon towering over them both.


Fear wouldn’t control her though. She wouldn’t let it. “Hey!” She screams. The head of the dragon snaps in her direction. Her muscles lock in place as the dragon growls at her. Next thing she knows she’s on the ground a clawed hand pinning her whole body there. The dragon leans down and it’s breath makes her want to gag. She turns her head and closes her eyes waiting for it to end her life or burn her alive.


Nothing happens.


She hears it growl and opens her eyes feeling something press up against her neck.. She feels it’s breath and it pulls away. She hears her name being shouted and feels her body be lifted off the ground. Next thing she knows her head connects with the ground and blackness takes over her consciousness.

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