Collision Course

Earlier this year, I wrote a collection of poems during a really rough patch. I've shared them online before but just not on Movellas. Please be warned that most of the poems featured here, do heavily feature aspects of anxiety and states of depression.


1. Just Crying

When I’m fragile
Others try to intrude
Asking me awkward questions
As if they had a clue
Very few know what I’ve been through
Days in life can be hard
How can you feel so happy?
When your world is falling apart?
I envy those the most
That are able to plaster themselves
With fake happiness
Smiles and aching jaws
As my body slumps onto the floor
I am a mess once again
Clock ticks each second
Adding more onto the heartbreaks
Dreaming of a better heaven
That can exist on Earth
Where depression doesn’t exist
Grey clouds float away
But I am like a crow
In sorrow and in pain

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