My Desire

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  • Publiceret: 14 jun. 2018
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My Desire, is a story of a two young hearts,their journey during the college days, and who desreves who?,she shows all her love on him, but he refuses it with vague heart, And finally she becomes his desire.. will she accept him for the rest of her life?


4. Chapter #3

Chapter #3

 Honk… honk….Naina honked the horn in her limo, Sarah stood up from the dining table, where she was having a breakfast, “coming Naina!, mom I am leaving to college!”, sarah slammed the door, which she usually does in hurry, “come soon sarah, our 1st hour is with Ms.Maiden”, What!! Oh gosh.. I forgot about it…!this lady is one of the creepiest person in my life. They headed to the college, “good morning Mr. Peter” we both said in a chorus to our gym master, who was heading to the boy’s campus. Mr. Peter has a  fit  masculine body, He is the only sexiest teacher in our college. “girls , we have gym meet after 3.00 remember?, don’t forget to come, inform the other girls also” Peter said in a ordering manner, “sarah you come at break time and meet me”, he utters those words with half smile, peter has some seductive intention on sarah, he usually like dusky toned girls, especially sarah!. “ok Mr. Peter”, sarah gave a vague answer to peter.  

“Naina, Today Mrs. Mohan’s family are coming to California, and  I am very much eager to see them”, Her bold eyes showed up in excitement, “so you are eager to meet them or ‘HIM’?” Naina asked her naughtily. “bitch please….!!!” Sarah’s face turned red. Bell rang ,  it was the lunch hour, Richard, Mike and Naina were sitting on the usual place, Sarah took out her usual stuff from bag. “LoL, the same Indian stuff again?”, mike started to tease her, “ shut up Man”, Richard hit his friend on his stomach, “ouch man” Mike gave a hurt full funny expression to Richard. Sarah rolled her eyes up, as if she felt highly disgusting.  “oh its time, Mr. Peter called me, I have to go now”, sarah says in hurry!, “sarah be care full with him, he is a kind of womanizer, he may seduce you to the fullest”, Mike says and bust into giggles, “Fuck off Mike”, Sarah jumps out from the table and rushes to the gym room. “May I come in Mr.Peter”, Sarah asks permission by knocking the gym entrance room, where Peter was standing in half naked and wet, as if he just took a bath in the pool. He seemed a bit sexy, the wetness on his body, gave her a Goosebumps, “ahhh.. Sarah.. come in, and you can call me John” she came near to him, she was totally confused, ‘why in the world is he asking me to call him on his surname..’  He came near to her with half naked, “Ok john, why did you ask me to come, is there something important?” Sarah’s voice trembles, while he came deep closer to her, she can feel his breath on the side of her ear. He whispered into her ear, “you are the next leader for the coming sports meet sarah..” His voice brushed into her ears and cheeks, her body shivers. “bu-… but sir… why me!, I have never participated in any events before!” sarah’s heart beat resonates constantly in fear!, “But I could see you have all qualities, to be a leader… sarah..!” he says by caressing her cheeks to shoulder, in a low tone. Sarah’s starts to shiver and she gets goose bumps on her skin. She didn’t felt it normal, her mind was collapsed, and all she wanted is to get away from this place. He tried to place his lips on her neck, his breath were very seductive, on his sexiest voice “will you be mine” he asked by tugging her hand on her upper back. She looked up at him, his eyes seemed so lusty, as if he wanted her so hard ,Sarah In all of a sudden pushed him away, “I am sorry Mr.Peter, I guess I won’t be the right person for this position”, she said in a hurry and left the place. “SARAH wait….!” He cried  in a loud voice. But sarah didn’t even look back , and went away. She was running towards the corridor, her heart beats so loud, Tears rolled down from her eyes to chin. she ran out of the campus and sat at the bench at the side of the pathway in the college. ‘ My head feel heavy, why did he behaved  like that to me!, Mike was right about him. He is such a pervert’. The final bell rang for the day. “Sarah… Where were you, are you sitting here for the whole hours?, what happened babie? Why you seem all worried?” Naina starts to build questions by sitting beside her”. sarah, busted out to cry and hugged her friend tightly. “Mike was right Naina…..! Mr. Peter is not a good fellow!, he tried to seduce me!...”  “what the fuck are you saying Sarah…?”, Naina looked her in worry and sarah’s eyes were filled with tears and it turned red!, “uffff.. we are not gonna attend the gym period anymore”, naina steamed her nose in anger.

“Mom I am home,” sarah gave an attendance in low tone. She shut the door, with no rhythm. “someone is in bad mood itseems?” Nichol asks her by looking at her. “no dad I am alright, where is mom?”,  “she will be in kitchen honey” he says and tilts his face down and gets back to work. Sarah went upstairs  and lied on her big spring mattress. She heard some loud noise from Mrs. Mohan’s home, as if someone screaming in their loud voice. Sarah opened the window, where she could see the  granny’s  back yard. “Mrs. Mohan? Is everything alright there?” she shouted by standing on the other side of the window. A guy peeped out. She could see a fit and above average body, he was holding a glass, whereas she saw only his shadow, not his feature. And the window slammed to shut. Sarah rushed  to the down stairs., “dad Mrs. Mohan, is in trouble, I heard a loud noise from her home, Hurry dad.. we have to help her, i saw a man standing  at their window.. dad soon come, she needs our help!!!” Sarah’s heart beat resonated , her face seemed terrific in terror. “Sarah.. chill.. Mrs. Mohan’s family has come today, they are having their family party dear., there is nothing to worry!!”. He says with no expression on his face. ‘oh yea I forgot about that, her family might have come, at last granny is with her family now,’ sarah sat on the couch with a full filled thoughts. “sarah its time to go to bed dear” Emily switch off the lights.


      “sarah wait…., sarah…” I could hear a manly voice that following me, I am running away from him. His voice is not that familiar. I am running towards the forest, My heart beats faster , he is laughing and trying to catch me . “HaHa… catch me if you can!!!”, it’s a complete blissful moment. This   is the happiest period in my life. I am in a sea shore, playing catch and catch with someone I don’t even know in my entire life. He held me in his arm finally, he grabbed me on his arms and hugged me tightly, His eyes are dark brown in colour, his hair is black, He got a dimple on his chin, which carries more beauty to his horsy face, his smile is very magical, were I went deep into it. He got a peculiar lips which is deep pink in colour, he pulled me closer to his chest and touched my temples, he looked at me with overwhelmed love. “sarah I love you” and placed a kiss on my forehead, which satisfied me, I closed my eyes, it seemed so dark… I felt suffocated, I couldn’t   breath. I felt like someone holds my throat. And I took a deep breadth…




“Sarah… Sarah… Wake up !!!!”, I hear my mom’s voice somewhere at the corner of my mind. A blur image of my mom’s appeared in front of me.  I opened my eyes open ,’ fine it was a dream again, who are you maaannn..? keep on coming in my dreams errrr’. “mom what is it, why you shouting?” sarah woke up with her messy hair, she brushed her hair with her fingers and she wiped her eyes to get a clear vision. “sarah Mrs. Mohan is calling you. She needs your help why don’t you go and check with that?!”. “who? Granny” she got up from the bed and took a look at the window, to check whether everything is okay out there. “dear its already 6.30 aren’t you coming for a walk?” Nichol peeped into her room and asked her. Nichol was fresh as usual. “no dad, granny needs me, I have to go”. “so what about your college?, aren’t you going”, Emily asked in a doubt tone, by raising her right eyebrow. “No mom, Mrs. Mohan will be alone, she might have got more work to do. I have to help her with it”, sarah answered her without looking at her serious face, went hurry to the rest room, since she knows her mom well, if the converse extends it will end up in crap.

Naina’s cell rangs; “Hellow chick whats up?” Naina looking into the mirror and doing mascara to her eyelashes, picks up the phone. “Listen bitch.., I am not coming to college today, you don’t have to come and pick me” says sarah in happy tone. “Why is that?” Naina looses the concentration and asks her in a shock. “ill tell you later, Now got to go buyee” sarah just hungs up the call and rushes to the downstairs. “mom, I am going to granny’s house”, she didn’t even listen to her reply, and slammed the door in hurry. The photo kept behind the door, fell down in a force. “Again!!??” Nichol shouted at sarah , who had stuffed food in his mouth.


I stepped into the granny’s front door, were I could smell some delicious Indian food. I knocked the door. A beautiful lady, wrapped herself with a silk saree opened the door, “Is it sarah?” she asked in a polite manner. She is a bit stout Indian woman, she got a big almond eyes, where she made up with dark kajal. Her beautiful long hair, touched her back hip gave more beauty to her. “ehh yea! I am Sarah”, I answered her in a fugitive way. “come on in dear,” a voice raised from inside., It’s obviously  granny. I went in, I could feel the difference in the house, from before. “Granny”, I called her, who was busy in preparing, of course an Indian food. “Sarah come dear, look what I am preparing, you must come for lunch today”, her eyes was glittering with love and affection. “Veronica, this is my only friend in California, she knows everything about our family”. She introduces me to that middle aged lady. Her age might be similar to my mom’s age. “Hi sarah, she told many things about you, you are the one who supports her like a good grandchild ahhh!! Hahahhah” by saying that she busted out into a laugh and tapped me on my upper back. I felt a bit weird; I just smiled at her in awkwardness. Granny handed over me a cup of tea, which got some un familiar smell. “granny what is this?”, I looked inside the tea cup. The aroma was quite different. “It’s a tea sarah, Just have it”, granny says in eager. I sipped, it got a special taste, I could feel the aroma on my taste bud. “wow granny what kind of tea is this,I am loving it?” I asked her with an amplifying excitement. “Its an Indian tea sarah, I knew that you will love it”. Mrs Crimson was simply starring at me. She might have thought like, why in the world, This girl gets excited after having a sip of a tea, cell rangs… “hello Richard? What is it”

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