Once Upon A Time

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  • Publiceret: 1 maj 2018
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Once upon a time...

"Bailey poses exquisitely, a single damp tear trailing down her porcelain face, yet an elegant smile painted upon thin rosy lips."

"The raucous caw of the ashy bird resounded carelessly through the vacant beige sky, the calloused sound reverberating above the scarred flesh of numerous fallen soldiers."

"Smile," the voice coos, "they won't know the difference."


Author's note

Dear Readers,

When I was younger I used to play pretend like any other child would. I would play Warriors or I would play make believe; just about anything that could release the ideas the flowed through me. But I’ve changed because of them.

Kids at school had once questioned me why I acted like an animal. And I was confused. I’d never told anybody about that since elementary school, so where did it come from? I don’t quite know myself. All I knew was that something had spread, and that whatever it was, it needed to stop.

And there have been many things that have influenced me to keep writing. Some of my teachers, my parents, and even a couple of my friends. But this event has by far impacted me the most. Ever since that day I stopped playing make believe. And instead, I started writing. Things could come alive on my paper however I wanted them to, and nobody would have to know. It’s all mine.

So call me selfish. But the reason I share that story with you is because I hope you’ll feel something. Not for me, no. But for yourself. We were all children once, and we all played inside our heads to some extent. Some just daydream now, and some of us read, and some like me; write.

Don’t stop dreaming. Cause we all lived in a fairytale. And some of us, we yearn to stay there. So this is dedicated to those of you who are broken. Who are bruised. Who wish they could still play make believe. I just want to let you know, I wish you all a happily ever after. So don’t stop believing.

Note: Please understand that my opinions will be seen in and throughout this story, though somewhat ‘secretly’. It’s your choice how to interpret my writing and what it means to you.



6. Ghost Of You

Human beings tend to be quite foolish. They chain themselves to ideals that are make believe and cower before others they can’t seem to comprehend. They run and hide in cowardice at the simplest changes and grin at other’s misery. So yes, Anima would agree with her great-grandmother that the people of Earth were utterly ludicrous creatures. And yet, before she died, she hadn’t agreed less.

Beyond the divine boundary, there is a moment of absolute peace before you descend to either the depths of Hell or the heights of Heaven. And as one rests in that millisecond, they realize that the world wasn’t as great as it could have been. Because now, 200 years following her death, Anima could only watch and scowl at what was presented to her in the future.

She knew humanity may be taking its final steps forward, and soon will be launched back into the Hell they left behind.

It confused her as well. At first, she thought that the people of Earth were incredible, intelligent life forms that explored each crevice and corner. Things that wandered the blue-green planet with the sole purpose of discovering something new. And partially, to her, it was still the truth.

But, the beasts yearned for freedom and prosperity, yet they enslaved those who had a darker skin. They ridiculed the beliefs of others and prosecuted them for choking on another’s dreams. They respect those who have done the worst to the world and not the best. So she can only wonder why one benefits on the suffering of others, for it only leads to the poor pecking of mediocrity while the filthy rich down entire bowls of greatness.

It was unjust.

It was disgusting.

It was cruel.

The world that Anima had dwelled in before was one yes full of tribulations, but it still had the faint glow of glory that shined near the end of the darkened tunnel. However, it seemed now that time was slowing and the end of the cavern was distancing itself farther so that even those who do well and are righteous are sent to a prison full of doubts, insecurities, and impending doom.

For even a good person can become a ghost of oneself. Not like the bad ones were ever a soul, to begin with.

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