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I'm really bored so I'm going to write 'bout something that I love, anime and manga!! Yay! I wanted to do this but never had the time, hopefully I am going to update at least once a week. It would be nice if you could recommend some, those might take longer though...


8. Toradora- @Little Miss Author ( the real one.)

Ok, so I may have gotten ahead of myself before. Mostly because I didn't want to write out a whole review because I was in a good, sorta hyper mood. There was several times that I had to stop watching this because Im not allowed to watch anime, so I had to watch it on my Chromebook, but I laughed so hard that I almost got caught a couple nights in a row! 

Plot: So in this a guy named a Ryuji Takasu who has a very "scary" face. In all reality its just his eyes. The school year starts and he meets this girl named Taiga Aisaka who is very agressive and every one is afraid of her and her nickname is the palm top tiger, because he is so small and aggressive. They find out that they like eachother's best frind and they try to help eachother out. They fight a lot but they alsp become realluy good friends. 


Ok, so I love this show because it was so funny and Taiga is just as short as I am and has a personalitly like I do. Then Ryuji is just like my fried personality wise, and thier friend group[ is also a lot like mine, but only more people and mostly boys. I think that I liked this anime way better than most because of the art work too. I think that I need to read the manga and hopefully re-watch it. 


I still give this a 100/10. 

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