Hell in Love

What happens when Amelia's date can do things mortal human beings can't? Amelia is desperate to find out. But she might bring herself and her best friend Shawn in danger.


3. Chapter 3

In prison, I had no clue about the time. We could’ve been waiting there for an hour or maybe much longer. But eventually, Jacob and his friend came back. “The Angel of Darkness is ready to conceive you now.” Announced Jacob. They lead us to a great, black hall. It was very warm in here. When I looked around, I saw why. In the throne in front of the Hall, I assume the Angel of Darkness, was burning. He’s burning alive. And he doesn’t even seem to notice it. How can you be burning alive, without noticing it? Maybe because he isn’t alive. My subconscious reminded me. I know I’ve never seen him before, it’s impossible. Yet, he seemed so familiar. Like someone you’ve seen in a crowd once. Then, I realised it. The Angel of Darkness is just another title for Satan… I remembered him from Religion class in school. I was shocked. Never have I been so shocked before. I looked at Shawn. He didn’t realise it. But it’s too late now. I can’t share my thoughts with Shawn without anyone else to notice. If that is Satan, or the Angel of Darkness, then who is Jacob? What does he have to do here? Many other thoughts crossed my mind, but then the Angel of Darkness spoke.

“Amelia Hunter and Shawn Jones. I have been told that you have seen what my supreme commander (he looked at Jacob) and my other subjects can do. I believe you wanted to know where you are?” The Angel of Darkness asked. Shawn nodded excited, I didn’t react at all. “You have probably realised you’re not on the planet Earth anymore. You are above Earth. Not in space, but in burning Hell.” The Angel of Darkness let it sink in. I looked at Shawn and saw he’s as shocked as I was. “It does not seem to surprise you, Amelia Hunter?” “Forgive me, I figured it out when I saw you.” It’s best to stay polite. I don’t know if I had to bow, but I probably didn’t do it even if I had to. “Ah, cleverness. I can see why Jacob is dating you.” He said. How does he know that? “I know everything about my subjects, even more about my supreme commander.” So Jacob is his supreme commander, that’s interesting. I’d better not mess with him.

“As you knew who I am, are there other things you have already figured out?” “They have told us you’d give us a choice. And that we won’t get a second chance. What choice will you give us?” I asked. Shawn didn’t react at all, but he’s not in shock anymore. He’s probably still thinking this all through. I can’t blame him, but a bit of support would have been welcome. “You have been informed correctly. I am creating an army to attack and take over other planets, including Earth. You can choose: or you join my army and get a special training, or I send you back to Earth that will be attacked soon. What will you choose?” “Can we get some time to think about this?” asked Shawn. It’s the first thing he said since we entered this hall. Why does he have to think about this? “No, I want your answer right now.” “I will stay here.” answered Shawn. I looked at him with disbelief. Why is he doing this? I don’t want to lose him! But I don’t want to stay here either. Nobody on Earth knows what’s going to happen. Not my family, nobody. They won’t be prepared. It’s my duty to go back and warn them. Even if that means I’ll lose Shawn… “I won’t. I want to return back to Earth.” “Very well then.” The Angel of Darkness said. He clapped in his hands and I’m gone.

 I feel myself falling on the stone hard floor. I looked around and saw I’m back at the Sword Club. All alone. After two minutes, I finally stood up. I can’t believe what happened. Is it even real? But then I found our bikes. Shawn is gone… He left me. Well, I left him but I did the right thing, didn’t I? I checked my phone. No missed calls, no new messages. Why is my mother not worried? I’ve been there for hours. I grabbed my bike and drove home. There is no car in front of the house yet. That usually means my parents aren’t home. I searched my key and opened the front door. “Mom, dad,  I’m home!” There was no reply. Then, the clock stroke. I looked up and saw it’s 8.30. I went to the kitchen. The calendar still said the same date as when I left. “This is not possible…” I mumbled. My dad always changes the calendar before he leaves. That means that A: he forgot it, or B: I’ve only been gone for half an hour. But was all of this even real? I thought. Then, I remembered Shawn’s bike at the parking lot, but Shawn himself being gone. Yes, Amelia. Face it. This is all real.

Now, there are a few things I have to do. Not only do I have to prepare myself for a war, I have to warn everyone else. But who will ever believe me? I can’t just say: Hey, I’ve been in Hell. It’s not just a fairy tale, it’s real. And they’re going to attack Earth. Be ready. They think I’ve gone nuts! But hey, this is the year 2017. Everyone is on social media nowadays. But maybe it’s better to stay anonymous. Just in case someone would want to put me in an institution. So, I made an anonymous account on a lot of different social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram,… Anything I could find. Luckily, I have a pretty famous blog. All I have to do is write a blog and share it. The more people that read it, the better it is. It’s actually a good idea, but I’m so scared. What if anyone finds out I’ve written that blog? What will they do? But I have to do this. Even if only 1% of the world’s population believes me, that are still 76,007,005 people. That’s at least enough for a pretty big army. That thought inspired me. I grabbed my laptop and opened my blog.

Dear Mankind, dear Forgivable

When I was little, my parents told me bedtime stories. Bedtime stories about good and bad things. The worst thing you could do was to conspire with Satan. And that is exactly what my best friend did. Even for me, it’s still hard to believe. But I was there, I was in Hell. Maybe I should tell you how it all began. I went out with my current boyfriend and he disappeared in thin air. Two minutes later, he was at the exact spot where he left. Of course I was curious. I told my best friend what happened and we made a plan.

We didn’t have a plan B and that was our huge mistake. We spied on my boyfriend and he and his friends discovered us. They grabbed us and we disappeared. First, I didn’t know where we landed. It was dark, and hot there. The floor was covered with burning black coals. My boyfriend locked us up in prison. There, the Unforgivable talked to us. And then, we had a conversation scheduled. A conversation with Satan, or the Angel of Darkness as they call him there. The Angel of Darkness gave us a choice. If we’d stay there and join his army, he’d spare us. If we returned home, he wouldn’t. His plan is to attack and conquer planets, including Earth. Most of you won’t believe me, but it’s true. I’ve lost my best friend, but there is a war coming. A war between Hell and Earth. You won’t survive it if you don’t fight back. If anyone out there believes me, I’m here to help.

Yours sincerely

I pressed the ‘publish’ button. Then, I shared it on my fake social media accounts. I even sent it to the BBC.  In a few seconds, my blog had a small 100 views. Some people reacted, but I decided not to read it yet. I’d better wait till tonight. Imagine if my blog made the news. That would be so perfect! Especially because it’s on the BBC, other news channels in other countries might broadcast it as well. By the time I’ve finished, it’s time for lunch. I wasn’t very hungry after everything that happened but I had to eat something. So, I ate a slice of bread with Nutella. It’s not very healthy but at least it’s something. After lunch I decided to read. I think I’m just going to read the entire afternoon. That’s why I went to the library. I went to the Detective Section. There, I found a book called The Clocks by Agatha Christie. This detective, Hercules Poirot, is Belgian. And he speaks French. Luckily, the book is written in English. I decided to take it home. Once I arrived home, I made myself a cup of tea. If it’s summer or not, I love tea. Especially with a good book. When I finished my book, my parents arrived home. “Sweetie, we’re home.” Mom yelled so I went downstairs. As it was 6.30 pm, she started cooking. “Hey, how was your day?” I asked both of them. They replied the same as usual. It’s always busy, there is always someone being annoying, there is always traffic… For dinner, mom made Fish and Chips. She has a delicious recipe! After dinner, we watched the news. Now, I was really excited. But of course I had to hide it. Mom would know immediately something is wrong. But I had to be patience.

First, there was a political discussion going on. But then, a picture of Shawn appeared. Immediately, I had tears in my eyes. ‘The police informed us that the 18 year old Shawn Jones is missing. He hasn’t returned home yet. The last person who should have seen him is his best friend Amelia Hunter. We have found his bike at the parking lot of the Sword Club, but the Club itself doesn’t know what could have happened. Oh, I have to interrupt myself. Someone sent us a blog anonymously. *The newsreader reads the blog out loud.* The blog has already 1.000.000 views and has a lot of reactions. Not everyone is as happy about this blog as the author had probably hoped for.’ “Wow, they really should lock this person up. He or she is clearly a danger for humanity…” My dad said disappointed. Now, the tears rolled down my cheek. I went upstairs so my parents didn’t see them. What was I thinking of? Why would a blog help them realise what’s coming? Even my parents think I’m insane. Well, they don’t know yet it’s me, but what if that is only a matter of time?

I grabbed my laptop. I opened my blog and decided to be brave. Brave enough to read the comments. It’s something I always do. If people spend their time reading my blog and even reacting, at least I should check it out. As the newsreader already mentioned, a lot of comments were similar to my dad’s. But I was surprised to see some positive comments as well. ‘Maybe he/she is right. I’ve always been afraid of Hell. What if it’s true?’ I was so glad that at least a few people believed me. There were about twenty positive comments. Okay, 1000 negatives as well but let’s not focus on that part. The important thing is: twenty people believe me. There are twenty people who don’t think I’m insane. And I think that’s wonderful! I made a group chat with those twenty people, my little army.

The main idea is to come together. That’s the first task. That won’t be very easy as it seems those twenty people are from all around the world. But it seems they’re pretty curious in what I have to say so that helps. Nevertheless, I want to know their opinion on my story as well. I just hope they’re ready for a war. Because I know there will be one. And I’m going to defend Earth. Even if that means I won’t survive…

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