Spring Fever

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  • Publiceret: 13 apr. 2018
  • Opdateret: 13 apr. 2018
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Foråret er her. Foråret har været her længe.
Hvorfor kan jeg ikke mærke solen stråler endnu?


3. Love Letter

Even the smallest of the small things about you are huge to me.

My heart is waving because of you.

I want to take down all the walls in your heart,

I'm curious about everything within those walls.

Am I in there?

At least a little bit?

I appreciate the masterpiece that represents you.

Your existence is alone


I imagine us all night, every day

Because it's a meaningless dream anyway.

Don't change any of your everything.

Keep looking at me like you do now.

There's no reason, you're all I need.

My mind is so out of it.

Blood is rushing and I'm possessed by you.

You're a heavenly perfection.

The criminal my mom warned me about.

Waves come slowly and take me,

Only your cares can make the waves peaceful again.

I hug you tightly, so we can be closer.

So we can't be apart.

I hope we can become closer to eachother.

I pray that I day will come,

When you'll understand my heart.

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