children aren't supposed to be scared of their own parents , well she was.
When Lillias begins to realize something is wrong with her sister after a sleepover she to begins to see strange things around her house to. A girl in a night gown weeping in the corridor a strange figure leaning over her bed and worst of all spirits speaking through her sister!


Author's note

Please enjoy this book it is in progress but i will finish it!

6. Awoken


The ringing continued throughout Lillias's ears as she awoke to see Matt's face content as ever smiling down upon her , she smiled at him as she awoke realizing she was at his house. He was in a black t - shirt and jeans a rugged look,  but he still looked handsome as ever.
"You ok babe ?" He asked
"Fine , were is Sara?"
"At Kates , I thought it would probably be best if she looks after her."
"Great , what happened to me I ....I need to know."
"The cook apparently made you faint of shock when you saw his face" Matt replied as Lillias began to sit up ,  Matt immediately pushed Lillias head slowly back down into the pillow , Lillias cried in pain as she felt her head , on her forehead was a small but painful deep gash on her head.
"Be careful , your head you hit it and gave yourself a concussion." Matt said worryingly before kissing her on the forehead .


Lillias made her way gingerly toward the house , taking in every aspect of it as she felt as if her days were soon to be numbered by whoever was possessing Sara. Kate hadn't stayed to look after Sara at Lillias's house but she could understand why , the girl was seemingly a psychopath!  As she approached the house she looked up at the windows once more only to see a horrifyingly creepy girl staring down upon her , It wasn't Sara as Sara had mid length brown hair the girl in the window had long dark black hair covering her hideous but slightly visible face. Lillias gasped remembering that she had seen the girl in the corridor and at work.


Lillias headed for the locked door  and then got her key out , only to discover when she looked back up from leaning over her bag the door was unlocked , only no one was standing there to greet her.

"Sara , honey its Lillias I'm home sweetie, Sara are you there? " She called out upon the stair case taking a step inside the house , and as se did so the door shot into place locking itself ! Lillias simply stood and stared at it in horror and then began to fiddle frantically with the door handle as the lights on inside the house suddenly snapped off, now Lillias was creeped out.

"SARA ARE YOU OUTSIDE ! " she yelled 

"Sara isn't here." someone in the darkness said from atop of the staircase , Small droplets of blood began to form on Lillias's hands only it wasn't her blood , it had come of the door handle! Now Lillias was panicking , flustering around in her platform heels from the stupid diner that she had to wear as she had no others.

"WHAT THE FUCK AVE YOU DONE WITH HER !" she cried out to the person standing atop off the staircase.

"She wanted to play the knife game , she's in the cellar, you should join her and play to ...Lillias." 


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