Ember Fullbuster is your average fifteen year old girl. It’s the first day of school and a strange boy appears at her front door, saying that she is a werewolf and will have her first shift this full moon. During their conversation, she discovers that he is a werewolf himself. Ember brushes him off, thinking that he is just pranking her, she goes to school as normal, but the day of the full moon, she begins seeing strange things. Her head pounds and she gets a high fever. Her vision fades into a red glow. She gets sent home from school. But when the full moon rises, her life will never be the same again.


7. Four Teenagers vs the World

(Let us go forth with fear, courage, and rage to save the world.) -Grace Paley


    Green eyes stared back at her. She found herself getting lost in the forest held in them. In a split second, she felt arms wrap around her.

His body vibrated as if he was laughing, or crying, “I was so scared.”

“Raef?” She asked, confused by his sudden kindness.

“You weren’t breathing.” He said, pulling her closer to him, “I’m sorry, I’m so, so sorry.”

“Raef . . .” She said, her voice soft, “I’m fine now, it’s ok.”

“I’m sorry I freaked out on you back in the nurse's office and I’m sorry I shoved you away when the tree caught fire and I’m sorry-”

“RAEF!” She yelled again, “It’s ok.”


“You were just scared. People will do some crazy things out of fear. For example, I burned my house down because I was angry and afraid.” She said, leaning further into his embrace.

“Well this is unexpected.” Fulki said.

“What is?” Ember asked, feeling Raef tense up next to her.

“Later.” Fulki replied before going back to sleep.

“What’s Fulki going on about?” Raef asked.

“You can hear her?”


“And you can hear me. I’m Reyner.” She jumped when she heard a male voice in her head.


“Relax, Em, it’s just Reyner. My fox.” Raef said, pulling her back to him, “I never want to let you go again.” She heard Raef whisper.

She felt a hot blush creep up her neck, but leaned into him, placing her head on his shoulder, “Me neither.”


    For a long time, they just stayed there, happy in each other's arms. The moment was over all too soon, her phone started vibrating, “Great.” Ember muttered under her breath.

“What?” Raef asked.

She let a growl escape her lips before picking up her phone and answering it, “Hey Ash, sorry I’m late. I got held up. Hey, mind if I bring someone else. Thanks. Bye.” She said, not giving Ash the time to say a word before hanging up, “Come on, we have a meeting to get to.” She said, standing up and holding out a hand for Raef. He took it.

“Where are we going?” He asked.

“To meet Ash.”

This time is was his turn to growl, “No.”

Ember face palmed, “Will you please put your personal vendetta aside for one minute. This is important.”

“Why?” He growled again.

“Because the government is placing micro bombs inside shifter mages and I need both of you to stop them.” She said, Raef looked as if he’d seen a ghost, “What?”

“You’re a shifter mage.” He said, horrified.

“No derp sherlock.” She rolled her eyes, “But no, I haven’t been bombed. Melody and Joash are the only ones I know of, but there are more.” She said, showing him the letter the nurse had found in her hand.

“And you really think three teenagers can save them?” He asked.

“No.” She said, “I think four teenagers can. Come on.” She said, pulling him by the hand, “Eden’s meeting us.”


    Ember and Raef burst through the front door, only to be met with two very confused parents, one Eden, and one Ash.

“Hey guys.” Ember said, before pulling everyone (except her parents) upstairs and into her bedroom before closing and locking the door.

“So I know you’re all wondering why you’re here.” Ember started.

“Actually, you explained everything to me in the woods.” Raef said.

“I was talking to them.” Ember replied, “Anyways-”

“What were you doing in the woods with him?” Ash said.

“GUYS!” Ember yelled, “Both of you! Forget about this stupid rivalry for five seconds and let me talk. I wouldn’t call you both here if it weren’t important, you two are IMPOSSIBLE when you are together. So will you please SHUT UP AND LET ME EXPLAIN.” The room went silent. She took the opportunity to get a few words in. She told them everything.

“Wow.” They all said in unicen. Raef chuckled behind her.

“So you want four teenagers in infiltrate a high security government prison. Made to hold shapeshifters with superpowers. Sounds fun.” Eden spoke up for the first time. All heads turned towards her.

“Sounds very doable.” Raef chuckled again.

Ember turned and glared at him, “Ok, so it won’t be easy.”

“Understatement.” Ash said.

“No derp.” Ember replied, “Anyone want to back out? The door’s right there.” Ember said, gesturing towards the door.

No one moved, “No ones backing out, Em.” Raef said.

She couldn’t help but smile, “Glad you guys are ready for a suicide mission.”

“Who wouldn’t want to go fight the government?” Eden asked.

“Normal people.” Raef answered.

“Well we aren’t normal.” Ember said.

“To hell we aren’t.” Ash yelled.


    Over the next few hours we discussed ways to find the “base” as we were starting to call it, “Bombs that small have to be accessed by a controller or or wireless station somewhere.” Ash said.

“Ok sooo…..” Raef said.

“So if we can get our hands on one of the bombs, maybe we can find a way to trace the signal back to the controller or wireless station or something.” Ember said.

“Anyone good with tech?” Ash asked.

“Eden is.” Raef replied.

“Raef!” Eden yelled.

“What? I don’t get why you don’t want people to know, but right now, we need your secret skills.” He replied.

“How good are you?” Ash asked.

Eden took a deep breath, “Good enough to rewire it, and make it a sort of shield for Ember in case she gets bombed as well as track the controler thing.” She said.

“Shield?” Ember asked.

“I can make it so that if someone tries to detonate your bomb, the signal will get jammed and blow up their controller thing as well.”

“Cool.” Ember replied.

“No. Not cool. What if it doesn’t work. We can’t just rely on that-”

“Yea, because I’m going to willingly let someone put a bomb in my head.” Ember cut Raef off.

The room went silent. Eden and Ash were staring at them. Eden was smirking while Ash’s expression was unreadable.

“As much as I would hate to ruin this awkward moment; has anyone realized that in order for this plan to work, we need to get our hands on one of their bombs.” Raef broke the silence.

“I’ll take care of that.” Ember said, everyone turned to her.

“How?” Ash asked.

“Just trust me.” She replied.

“You can’t just rush in alone, especially now.” Ash said.

“Then Raef will come with me.” She said.

“I will?” He asked.

“Yes.” She said, “We should be back in a week or two. We’ll leave tonight.” She said.

“Am I really supposed to believe that you two going off alone together for a week or two is helping the mission?” Ash asked with a hint of annoyance in his voice.

“Believe what you want.” Ember said, “But I think it’s time for you and Eden to leave.” She said, shooting Eden an ‘I’m sorry’ glance.

“Why not Raef?” Ash asked again.

“Because we’re leaving tonight and in order for my plan to work, we have to leave together.”

“Whatever.” Ash replied.

“Come on, Lover Boy. They have to get ready.” Eden said, dragging a grumbling and cursing Ash out the door.

She couldn’t help but laugh.

“So uh . . .” Raef stammered, “Been awhile.”

“Yea, it has.” She replied, remembering the first time they were in here together, “So much as happened since then.”

“Yeah . . .”

“Not too long ago, you were a jerk.” She said, turning to face Raef who was, of course, standing closer than she thought, Why does this always happen to me?

“I wasn’t a jerk.” He said, stepping closer, closing the little space in between them.

“Yea, you were. I hated you.” She said. He smirked.

“What?” She asked, a hot blush creeped up her neck.

“Nothing.” He said before placing his lips on hers. The kiss was different than before, it was gentle and soft. Almost as if she were as fragile as a newborn and he was afraid to break her. He pulled away, breathless. For what felt like hours they just stared at each other, afraid to speak, “I’m sorry.” Raef said, turning away from her.

Before he could pull away completely, she cupped his cheek with her hand and placed her lips on his, “It’s okay.”

He smiled before going in for another kiss. She could feel him wrap an arm around her waist and another cup her cheek. Their lips seemed to dance around each other’s. She reached up and brushed a hand through his hair. She never wanted this kiss to end. It felt to right, so real. Fulki suddenly burst awake throwing twice the passion into the kiss. She could feel Reyner snap awake. Without warning, Raef picked her up and placed her on her bed, never breaking the kiss. Raef was almost planking on top of her, again without warning, they rolled around so now she was straddling him. She felt his tongue on her lips, asking to gain entry, she granted it without a moment’s hesitation. Their tongues now danced gleefully around each other, sending surges of passion whenever they touched. The moment ended all too soon, she pulled away gasping for air. Their foreheads rested against each other

“Wow. That was unexpected.” Fulki spoke up.

“Indeed it was.” Reyner replied. Only their animals halves could speak now, oxegen refused to find its way back into their lungs. She tilted her head and planted another quick kiss on his lips before getting up and pulling a black bag from her closet. They would be leaving soon.


(A/N Hey so I know this is kinda late but oh well. Anyway, school started again but guess what...I have a class where I can just write the story. So yay me. Updates should be coming out faster now. And follow me on instagram at skyedragonwolf for updates on the story and stuff like that. UNTIL NEXT TIME)

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