Ember Fullbuster is your average fifteen year old girl. It’s the first day of school and a strange boy appears at her front door, saying that she is a werewolf and will have her first shift this full moon. During their conversation, she discovers that he is a werewolf himself. Ember brushes him off, thinking that he is just pranking her, she goes to school as normal, but the day of the full moon, she begins seeing strange things. Her head pounds and she gets a high fever. Her vision fades into a red glow. She gets sent home from school. But when the full moon rises, her life will never be the same again.


8. By Way of Paw



(“The beautiful journey of today can only begin when we learn to let go of yesterday.”

-Dr. Steve Maraboli)


    “I can’t find anything in this fucking house.” Ember yelled, slamming the cupboard door closed.

“Now whose fault is that.” Fulki replied.

“Shut up.”

“Ember, don’t curse so much.” Jayden called from the table.

“Our old house ‘mysteriously caught on fire,’ you should be happy we have this one.” Steph said making air quotes.

Ember rolled her eyes, “Seriously guys, I was trying to save you.”

“Just come eat.” Jayden said.


    Well let’s just say that dinner was a bit awkward. Her parents definitely knew something was up. After cleaning up, she ran back upstairs to see a smirking Raef sitting on her bed, “What?” She asked.

“You know most people's parents get pissed when their children curse like that.” He said.

“Most people’s children don’t turn into wolves with fire shooting out of their paws.” She shot back.

“Fair point.” He shrugged, “When do we leave?”

“Once my parents fall asleep.”

“How will we know when that happens?” He asked.

She pointed to the window, “We can tell when the porch lights turn off.”

“So what do we do until then?” He asked, stepping closer.

“Homework?” She said with a shrug.

His smirk faltered before saying, “Seriously.”

“Yea, Mr. Meyer has me swamped with homework, and if we’re gonna disappear for a week, I’d like to get ahead.” She replied, keeping her features emotionless (with great struggle).

Raef was now looking at her like she was insane, “You can’t be serious.”

“Oh but I am.” She said, before breaking. She could feel emotion flood her eyes.

“Oh are you?” He whispered, brushing his lips against her ear. Heat coursed through her veins.

She couldn’t take it anymore, “No.” She tilted her head and pressed her lips up against his.

He smiled into her lips, “I knew you couldn’t resist me.”

“Wonder why?” She replied. He chuckled before deepening the kiss, wrapping his arms around her waist and pushing her back against the door. She threaded her fingers in his hair, letting the fire inside her fully ignite. Her desk chair burst into flames, causing them to part.

“Shit.” Ember cursed before focusing on the fire, and directing in pack to her. She absorbed the heat, it filled her with a warmth she could never describe and an aurora of pure bliss. When she opened her eyes again, Raef was staring at her with wide eyes, “What?” She asked.

“I just don’t think I will ever get used to your powers.” He replied.

“You know I don’t just destroy things, right? I also heal them. And fire heals me.” She told him.

He sighed and ran a hand through his hair, “Yea I know, it’s just. . . I don’t know. . .”

“Scary?” She asked.

“Yea.” He said.

She sighed and fell backwards onto her bed, “Tell me about it. One minute I’m a normal teenage girl, and the next I’m a werewolf with fire shooting out of my fingertips.”

“Is it really that bad?” He asks, sitting next to her.

“No.” She replied, “I love every second of it, it’s just a lot, you know?”

“Yea, I can get that. Like you, no one told me I was a shifter, then one day, it just happened.”

“Really?” Ember asked.

“Yep, the next day all my senses were alive. Eden and I sniffed each other out and became friends.”


    They continued talking until the light outside the window darkened.

“Ready to go?” She asked, picking up her bag and slinging it over her shoulder.

“Yep.” He replied, mimicking her movements. Together they snuck downstairs, making their way silently through the darkness, trying not to wake her parents. As the passed the kitchen, Ember scribbled something down on a sticky note and put it on the fridge. She then caught up with Raef as they made their way down to the garage. Slowly and quietly they opened the garage door, slipped through it and closed it behind them. They were nearly in the clear. They just had to make it of the garage. Ember reached up and pressed the button, wincing at the sound the large wooden door make as it opened. Once there was enough space to squeeze under, they both bolted out. Ember quickly closed the door behind them, praying that her parents didn’t hear the loud noise she was sure the whole neighborhood was hearing. The door finally closed, leaving them listening intenting for any sign of movement.

“What’s up y'all?” Fulki said, rising from her slumber.

“Shhhh.” Ember replied.

“Such a rude awakening.”

“Sorry, I can’t listen with you taking up all my brain space.” She replied to her animal half.

“Oh for God’s sake, here.” Ember’s hearing suddenly intensified. She could hear her parents sleeping soundly. Well her mom sleeping soundly, but her dad snoring quite loudly.

“They’re asleep.” Ember whispered.

“How do you know that?” Raef asked.

“Am I the only one who can use my shifter abilities in human form?” She whisper-yelled.

“No, but I thought you’d only been through one full moon.”

“I have.” She whispered, walking over to the bushes.

“Fulki.” She called.

“Oh so now you want me.” Her wolf replied with a chuckle before consuming her human half’s mind. Ember full to all fours as her vision was once again pushed out of her body, turning a fiery orange.

“It’s so strange seeing this way.” Ember said.

“Yes, it is.” Fulki replied, before stepping out of the brush to see a glowing blue, black fox standing where Raef once stood. (Fulki sees the world orange, while she sees living things glowing blue. Raef isn’t actually glowing.)

“You know we have security cameras.” Ember said, touching his mind.

He nodded, “I used the bushed over there.”

“Oh. You ready to go?” She asked.

“Ready when you are.”


    And so they set out, on a journey to save the world. A journey to save the world from a threat most people didn’t know existed.

“So, you gonna tell me where we’re going?” Raef asked through the midnlink.

“To see a friend.”

“Cousin.” Fulki added.

“She’s our cousin?” Ember asked.



“So where does this cousin of yours live.” Raef asked.


He jumped in front of her, “This is Texas, you want us to run to Oregon?”


“Why did I agree to go with you?” He asked, shaking his tiny head.

“Because you luuuuv me.” She replied.

Raef’s bright green eyes narrowed, “Sure, let’s go with that.”


    “Raef, come look at this.” Ember said, looking out at the sunrise. The sky was painted with beautiful pinks and oranges, adding in the occasional purple. They had been traveling all night, Fulki leading the way with her weird trackie thing. The terrain had become much more desert like and she guessed they were in New Mexico by now.

“Pretty.” Raef said, directing her attention back to the sunrise. The sun was now slightly below the scarce clouds, and rising. She felt as if the fire inside her awaken, as energy flowed through her body.

“Our power rises with the sun.” Fulki said.

“Yea.” She looked back to the rising sun and couldn’t help but think that her orange vision added to its beauty.

“We should get breakfast.” Raef said, stomach growling.

“Where?” Ember said chuckling as a the blue mist line changed directions slightly.

“There.” Fulki siad.

Raef’s shook his furry head, “I will never understand you’re powers.”

“Me neither.” She replied, trotting down the road, waving her white and orange tail behind her. (A/n: Incase you don’t remember, Fulki has this tracker thing, where she can think of a place and a blue mist line appears, showing them the way. Although I might have changed the color, sorry. But from now on, the line is blue)


    After about half an hour on the road, they came across a small town. Passing a sign, Ember read, “Taos, New Mexico.”

“How did we get this far in one night?” Reaf asked.

“Never underestimate the power of a shifter.” Ember said, matter-of-factly.

“Whatever” Raef rolled his eyes.

The misty blue line stopped in front of a restaurant with the scent of pancakes wafting out of every opening. Ember’s mouth begun to water.

“We can shift over there.” Raef said, pulling her from her thoughts.

They trotted across the street and into an ally, “Wake me up if you need me.” Fulki said, before slipping into a deep sleep. Ember’s vision zoomed back into her body and lost its fiery color. When she opened her eyes again, she was wearing her red hoodie, jeans and combat boots as if she never changed. She also noticed that her bag was still slung around her shoulder. She then unslung the bag and began digging through it, “Please tell me there's some money in here.” Sure enough, she pulled out a few wads of fifty dollar bills, “Where the hell did these come from?” She asked, confusion eating at her features.

“Who cares.” Raef said, now both fully human and fully clothed, “We have money. Now let’s go eat.” He said, dragging Ember by the arm. They received a few odd looks as they ran out of the ally, but didn’t care. Hunger gnawed at their insides like the animals within them.

“How many?” The hostess asked.

“Two.” Raed replied.

“Follow me.”

They followed the hostess to a table in the back corner. Menus were placed in front of them, “You’re server will be right over.” The hostess said.

Ember didn’t even need to look at the menu before knowing what to order, buttermilk pancakes. How could she not? They are the best breakfast food ever, she just wanted to melt in their sweet goodness.

“Our animals need to rest, we should stay here the rest of the day, and travel at night, less people will see us and wonder why a wolf has orange fur.” Raef said.

“Hey! I happen to love Fulki’s coat.” Ember replied, getting quite defensive over her other half.


    The rest of the day passed by smoothly. The sun was now setting behind the building. It was actually quite beautiful. They had just walked out of the third restaurant today when a man stopped them, “I couldn’t help but see you carrying around that bag.”

“We’re travelers.” Ember said, raising a hand to shut up Raef, who was about to go off on the guy.

“Well, do you need a place to stay the night?” The man asked.

“No, we’re leaving tonight.” She replied.

“Suit yourself.” The man said, turning to walk away. She shrugged, and begun walking in her own direction, but not before the man turned on his heels and and plunged cold metal into her neck. Pain flowed throughout her body. Her vision begun to go blurry and she began to slip into unconsciousness, but not before the man caught her, “I’ve been looking for you for a long time Ember Crescent. Mommy and daddy magic wolf say hi.” Her back then slammed into something hard, forcing her to release her hold on consciousness for good.


(A/N So yea, I know it’s been awhile, but I’m starting something new. I am pausing all my other stories just to focus on this one. I’ll be able to actually get good quality chapters out that way. The picture at the top is Fulki, just image in the orange. She has it on her legs, ears, and tail tip I have also decided who all the characters will end up with

Embaef  (Ember and Raef)

Terrash (Terra and Ash) - you’ll meet terra soon

Eden (Patience, all will be revealed.)

Anyway, follow me on instagram at skyedragonwolf for updates and stuff like that. So yea, UNTIL NEXT TIME YA’LL.)

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