Unforgettable - Love Story -

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  • Publiceret: 6 mar. 2018
  • Opdateret: 20 nov. 2018
  • Status: Igang
Quinn Diaz was just a normal popular girl at her school. Her best friend was the most popular girl in existence - due to fame. One day Sierra, her best friend, had persuaded her to do something completely evil. Quinn went up to the well-known blind kid at school named Joseph Caddy and shoved a pie in his face. Joseph eventually fought whoever was in front of him and accusing them of pie-facing him. The results ended up with Joseph and Quinn both getting into ISS.

Will something spectacular happen for them? Will they eventually become friends?

(Douglas School Shooting inspired Movella)


1. Cast List:

Here is the cast for my book!


Quinn Diaz:

Joseph Caddy: 

Sierra La'Fair: 

Theodore Diaz: 

Rosealexandrio Reef:

Geovonni Fernandez: 

Della Wu:

Ellie Alexander:

Darian Catmael: 

Dale Whittenmore:

Tuck Sweeny: 

Harvey Kling:

I'll update this :)

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