Just some poems i made up myself ;)


5. that girl

You see that girl over there? Yes, I see her too

she sees me, she knows me

everything about me

and I mean everything

I see her when I look out the window, or about in school

she sees me too

I try to smile at her, but she knows its fake

and the tears are very real

She cries too

I look into her eyes and see the slow embrace of darkness within

cold and dead, yet welcome

she knows my problems and I know hers

she knows the reason to every tired sigh

or guilty glance

or nervous nail bite

or angry thump

and she follows me


when the streets are quiet it will just be me and her

I'll run, she'll be round every corner down every street

I know her past and present

she knows mine

i think she might know my future too

but I cant ask her unfortunatly

because she's just my reflection




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