Her flame flickered out, just as the darkness of fear descended upon her.


1. Fear


Hypnotically around the light of the flame, 

Flickering in and out 

Of existence as 

The fire sputtered out. 

She watched

As they all crept closer, 

The tongues of heat morphing 


Into hunched figures. 


Their spines were a twisted mass of

Bones lumped together,

Lines of obsidian oozing 

Out of holes ruptured by the

Conglomeration of curved calcium

And tethering their bodies to

The Darkness.


A tendril slithered forward and

Curled around the fleshy remains 

Of her ankle,

Coiling and tightening about the surface 

As a serpentine leash

That slowly tugged her towards

The feathery whispers

That rose and fell as a tide

From beneath the

Contour of the fire.


Fear grew in roots

Away from her soul and 

Clawed into the marrow

Of her bones,

Seeping through the invisible cracks

In her persona and

Marring the stability of

Her existence.


It kept her silent,

Drawing breath from her lungs and

Rattling about in the hollow crevices of

Her emotions and

Puncturing wide, gaping holes

Of emptiness

Into the rest of her broken body.



...For all of her fear, she died

Just as the flames flickered out.

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