My Little Neighbor Alex

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Mature Content.
I just stopped over to cut the grass but, end up with a good time.
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3. Part 3 – Alex’s Cousin Visits

 That nice boy Alex again. A friend of mine Alex, just down the road from me, was home from school again for a time. I had been asked by his parents to watch over him for a week or so, while there gone. (in part 2) Alex and I are both around the same age but his parents seem to think I’m older. That’s ok, we sometimes hang out together at my place and they seen to be happy with it. We did hang out together that first weekend his parents were gone but now, I haven’t seen him in a while.

 That next day I came out of the house and see two cute boys… There standing at the end of my driveway holding hands. It’s Alex and someone else. They’re both just standing there smiling at me. I found out later, it was Alex’s cousin Troy. His aunt had dropped Troy off to keep Alex company, while his parents were away. Just seeing them standing there holding hands, I then thought to myself… “Wonder if Alex now’s really got a boyfriend? Maybe he’s here to visit and to tell me how he’s hooked on him.” But… I was happy to find out, I was wrong!

 Alex and Troy then slowly walk down the driveway toward me. Alex then introduces that cute new boy to me; “Jon this my cousin Troy, he’s here visiting for a few days. His ma has just dropped him off.” (Me feeling better) I just said; “Hey Troy, nice to see ya!” As Alex then tells me about Troy, how he’s just little younger then the two of us and that he is kind of like us. I just stood there thinking how fuck’en cute they both where, them looking up at me! Then Alex started to whisper something, him telling me how they share his bed last night and how Troy ended up licking his cock in the end. “I then told him Jon, how you and I can maybe teach him some things” Alex said this as he winks at me.

 The three of us then just sat down in some lawn chairs in my garage. As usual, Alex did most of the talking as I (I must admit) just stared at Troy. Super cute, quiet, with both him and Alex with sleeveless shirts and shorts on, I could see he’s real good-looking boy. His well-built biceps and arms. He even had well-built legs and thighs, he sure must have been working out! And of course, both him and Alex have such cute faces too! 😊

 “You guys want a soda or something?” I said, as we walked into my house. Alex then like always just talked on and on. As the two of them talked in my living room, I made a sandwich and got out some sodas. I was just hoping this may turn into “something” and I better eat something first. I then looked up, because it got all quiet. What do I see… My two new friends are now standing there in my living room butt naked! Their looking at me, then at one another, just giggling!

 “Come on Jon” Alex said. “We must show this boy how it all works!” They then both held hands again, look at me and giggled some more. Just seeing that made me harder then I was already! I pulled my shirt off over my head, as I walked over and locked the door. As I walked back to the living room, I see Alex and Troy standing there in one another’s arms and in a deep kiss. I hear Alex then whisper; “Troy, just push your tongue in my mouth as far as you can. It feels good” Me hearing that, I knew, I was going to have an interesting day! 😉

 Me now butt naked too, I moved over to the couch and sat down. My half-hard (or more) cock flipped up and I just stroked it some watching those two kissing. That new boy Troy just kept looking over at me, while the they kissed. He then quietly pushed Alex away and knelt down between my legs. “Show me Jon?” He said as I looked at his young sexy face. “He is old enough for all this, isn’t he Alex?” Alex just said; “Oh ya Jon, he lives out in the boonies, you know, out in the country. He’s never had a boyfriend before.”

 “OK Troy, if you’re sure” I said, as I looked in to those blue eyes of his. He just smiled and said back; “I’m sure Jon, see.” He then leaned back and showed me his long, (and I mean LONG) hard-as-a-rock cock. He did this to show me how horny he was. He then leaned forward again and I told him; “To start, just lick it some, then take as much of it in your mouth as you can. If you feel like you’re going to choke, just pull it back out. No big deal!” As he then worked on me some. It made me even hornier just to see him turn his head to the side now and then to look up at my face. I think to see if I’m liking it.

 I then just sat back. I looked at his sexy hair, his muscle bound back and that sexy thin waist with a cute wide ass. I then looked up at that cute Alex too, him just standing there, smiling and watching us as he stroked his cock.

 I then was about to lose it so I said; “Come on you guys, let’s go to the bedroom!” It was kind of cute to walk down the hallway and see all three of us in the wall mirror. Me first with my nice hard-on and two cute guys behind me and them just as hard! Alex and I then just laid down on my (unmade) queen-sized bed and started to neck some. Troy jumped right in between us, down at the foot of the bed and he got going with both of us. He’d work on Alex’s cock a while, then move over to my cock. I then felt even better about this new boy, he does truly want it.

 Alex and I would talk and suck face all at the same time, as Troy was sucking us off. Alex then stopped, looked up and asked Troy; “You did say you wanted to try… well, having it put up your ass, should I poke mine in you?” Troy looked up with a smile and said; “Would you Alex, I’ll work on Jon and you can fuck my virgin ass.” So, Alex rolled off the bed, as I moved up to the headboard still on my back. Troy moved to the center of the bed up on his hands and knees and went back to licking and sucking me. Alex then stood at the foot of the bed, Troy’s nice ass right there.

 I then grabbed the lube from the bedside table and threw it to Alex. I looked Alex in the eyes and said; “You take your time now man! He’s a fresh boy!” Alex smiled at me, lubed his cock up and then slowly stuck his first lubed finger into Troy’s ass. Troy stopped sucking me then and just looked me in the eyes. His mouth open and him still drooling from sucking on me. He then started moaning as Alex then put two or three fingers in. “Fuck that feels weird, I kind of like it” Troy said. Alex then slowly shoves his nice hard cock in. He starts fucking him slowly and then a little harder and soon Troy (still on his hands and knees), was rocking back and forth. Alex smiles at me and Troy puts his mouth back on my cock.

 To see all this turned me on so much… A new young friend sucking me off, one of my good friends fucking him up the ass for the first time and all in my bedroom! I then noticed Troy’s big long cock bobbing back and forth as it was hanging down underneath him. I then easily lost it. “I’m losing it Troy, just take what you can man!” I said. Troy then kept on sucking but, soon I hear Alex groaning and leaning over on to Troy’s back. He must have lost his then too! Troy looked up at me, his mouth wide open and my cum dripping down from his mouth. Alex laid on Troy’s back awhile, him breathing hard, rubbing his abs and looking up at me smiling.

 “Us two older boys are now done but, this younger boy needs a little help with his.” I said this as Alex and I got up on our feet. We both stood next to the bed looking down at Troy’s smiling face, as he then rolls over on to his back. Boy that big hard cock of his was perfect! The throbbing veins in it, that slightly curved-up type hard-on of his and just a tuft of hair at the base. “Let’s just lick it Jon” Alex said, as he moved to the other side of the bed and we both knelt down.

 The two of us just licked that beautiful pecker from the base to its top and kissed one another up at the tip. We repeated this a few times, till Troy yelled out; “I’m going to lose it you guys!” And he did… Like a quart of cum came spurting out!

 Alex and I licked most of it up, it sure was tasty! Alex then took all of that nice cock-meat deep down into his throat. Troy just laid his head back onto the pillow and said; “Thanks guys” Him still breathing really hard. “Hope you guys had a good time, I sure did!” As Alex shock his head yes (Still on Troy’s cock) He then said; You guys are awesome! Tory smiling at me. His face all sweaty. With me still half-hard I said; “Sure glad you guys came over” We all three then just laughed!  

End of Part 3

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