Inside the hospital

Taehyung and Jungkook are friends. They are gay. And they are in love with each other. But they get depressing news: Jungkook has a deadly illness. He can survive and he can die.


13. I declare you for husband and husband


Right now, I´m in a situation I never imagined myself i: I sit in a hospital bed, after surviving a deadly illness, wearing a suit, with an opera-singing priest and my parents beside me in the hospital room, about to marry Taehyung. It´s a kind of strange situation. It feels odd to sit in a hospital bed while wearing a suit. I´m getting used to wear the white hospital clothes. But mom insisted I should wear this. And I want Taehyung´s parents to like me, I think it would help to wear this suit. I hope I look okay. I wonder how Taehyung looks. I have never seen him in suit, but I´m sure it will suit him…

My thoughts get interrupted by the door opening. It´s Taehyung´s mom. She smiles and sits down. None of us say anything, there´s no need to. We all know what the others are thinking. Everyone waits in anxiously silence. The door opens for the second time. Taehyung and his dad have arrived. Taehyung looks really handsome in that suit, I swear, someday he´s going to kill someone. It´s probably going to be me. I make eye contact with him and he sends me a bright smile, which makes my heart flutter. Taehyung and his dad walk the little way to my bed, arm in arm. Here, his dad walks over and sits down beside his wife. Taehyung stands beside my bed, smiling down to me. I smile back and takes his hand. “Okay, everyone”, the priest says, which makes him get everybody´s attention. “Everyone is her, so let´s get started, shall we?”. Everyone nods in agreement. Tae and I squishes each other´s hands harder. Everybody´s looking at us and smiles. “We´re taken together today, to marry the lovely men, Kim Taehyung and Jeon Jungkook”. My mom already has tears in her eyes. The priest continues: “Then I´ll ask you, Kim Taehyung, will you take Jeon Jungkook, who sits beside you, as your husband, and love him in success and adversity, to the death keeps you apart?” You can almost feel everyone holding their breaths, when the priest says the last sentence. The priest also looks bit uncomfortable while saying the words. Taehyung answers with clear voice: “Yes, I will”. The priest looks at me and asks me the same question. “Yes, I promise”, I answer and feel tears forming in my eyes. “Then I declare you for husband and husband”. He gives us some papers we shall sign. At this time, I can hardly anything for tears. But somehow I manage to sign it anyway. I give them back to the priest and look at Taehyung. He smiles at me and sits down in the bed beside me. Now I see that he also has tears in his eyes. I take his hand again and hide my face in his chest. He rests his head against mine. No one talks. There´s just someone sobbing here and there. Sometimes it´s me or Taehyung, sometimes it´s one of the others. I don´t know how long we sit like this, but suddenly Seokjin breaks the silence: “You guys have my allowance to kiss today, just saying it”. I smile for myself. Why do I feel this is typical Seokjin? Then Taehyungs hands lifts my head up and his lips meet mine. I can taste the salty taste of our tears on his lips. The sound of the door opening makes both of us loo in that direction. In the door stans two nurses and, like, ten patients and smiles. “What are you guys doing here”, Seokjin asks them. “My friend here” the nurse to the right says and points at the nurse we know, “told us, that two guys are getting married here today, so we decided to drop by and say congratulations”. Tae and look at each other. I can see he´s about to laugh at this strange situation. “Glad you could come”, the priest enthusiastically says. “So, now that we´re more people, I thought we could give them a round of applause”. Strange enough, they all agree and soon room is filled with claps and cheers. More nurses and patients join to see what the hell´s going on. I don´t know why, but they start to clap too, although they don´t know why. The room is too small for all the people, so many of them stands outside in the corridor. A person starts to yell “hooray” and soon they all start to yell it. I can´t hold back my laughter. Tears are still rolling down my face. Tae holds my hand. I feel like I´m going to explode of happiness right now.                           

                                                                         Author´s note

I´ve never seen how a hospital wedding happens, so I just wrote it from my imaginations. And, was tired when I wrote this, so I hope this chapter makes sense for others than me. Please let me know if it doesn´t. 


















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