Just a little poetry

Bare mine digte. Mine tanker. Mine følelser. Mit liv.


9. 9. Kliché lovepoem


In all my darkness, 
I found my hope. 
You came as a bless, 
so I could finally cope. 


You are my sunrise in the darkest days, 
and my umbrella when it rains. 
You have shown me countless new ways, 
to avoid my pains. 


You isn't just a new chapter, 
you are the whole goddamn book. 
I am that kind of "her",
who you got with your hook. 

I was waiting for a miracle,
and then you happened. 
So now I'm writing lyrical, 
you are better than what I've imagined. 

In my worst times, 
you're there for me.
And when I cry sometimes, 
you hold me and just let me be. 

You are better than new clothes, 
you are better than a candy cane. 
You are the one I chose, 
and I'll keep choosing you again and again. 

I wake up with a smile, 
because I have you in my life. 
I hope to one day walk down the aisle, 
and get to call myself your wife. 

So when I tell you that I love you,
it isn't just something I say. 
Because you always comes to my rescue, 
and I'll do the same for you every day. 

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