Love Triangle

A story of love triangle


2. Chris


He’s my crush. My long time crush that no one ever knew about... expect me of course! 

You see, I have a crush on him since 2nd grade. It was because he was so kind to me and save me when I was begin bully by... I’ll talk about my Bully later. 

He will always be here for me, I just want to go up to him and confess to him.. but I can’t. I am a scary cat!! A loser!! 

Chris is just so charming!! <3❤️❤️❤️

But he shows no interest to no one though. He spent most of his time with his best friend. Don’t worry, I’m one of his best friend too.

”Hello Chris”

”Hey Nana! Wasss Up!!”

”Nothing really, just some homework that’s due tomorrow”

”Same Gurrll!!”

I laughed so hard that I make an oink sound.

”What was that?” He asked

”Uhh nothing!”

I than walked away from embarrassment. What did I do!!

Chris ain’t that type of guy who’s does sport and stuff like that, he’s popular though. I don’t even have an idea how he’s popular at all!!? Maybe his charms?

I remember one time he asked me if I liked him...

”Do you like me?” He asked

”Uhh no!” I lied

”If you do, please don’t..”

”Why?? How come?”

”It’s just... just that I don’t want to hurt you”

”Oh okay, I don’t even like you like that.. we’re just friend”

He smile. “Thank you” than walked away.


Oh dear. 

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