Escape the Demons

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  • Publiceret: 25 jan. 2018
  • Opdateret: 2 feb. 2018
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Dante has a different past than most, and it may come from his homeworld belonging to the demons.


1. Just Some Clarification

(Heads up, this is a different AU than normal Mystreet! I based Dante's form off Antisepticeye, and the other characters are probably slightly changed as well.)

Dante Ramirez is a demon. His special trait is that he is an Energy Glitch demon. His body glitches in several places constantly and his eyes glow a faint blue, which act as a tracker to always know his location, especially in the dark. He can transport people and things by glitching to those locations, he can power objects that require it, and transfer his energy to another entity or take that entity’s energy. He lives with his father, who is also an Energy Glitch demon, and his mother, who is a Hydro Elemental witch, and that means she can control anything to do with the element water.

    The world they all live in can be great, but when the demons make their way into the overworld, they sometimes make attachments to the overworld inhabitants. If the inhabitants of the overworld somehow make their way into the demon world, they may not survive. Dante has gone into the overworld before, and has found several friends, along with the girl of his dreams, but they don’t know the other part of him, and they find out in the worst way possible.

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