Krigen er kommet tæt ind på livet, men hvor ville du kæmpe for dit liv henne. Skjult og håbe på at fjenden ikke finder dig. Eller i en maskine som giver dig muligheder for at trodse det værste vejr og giver dig en chance for at overleve. Valget er dit.

Konkurrence: Valentinsdag

Muligheder: 1-3


2. Reunion

We enter the Shatterdome near Hong Kong. I haven’t spoken to Marshal the entire ride from Alaska to here. People are walking around, but most stop when I come walking by. My stride is angry and a growl is around my lips. Marshal and his daughter are twenty steps behind me. “Becket!” The next thing I know is that, I am surround by a familiar warmth and smell. I stand for a few seconds before I wrap my arms around the bigger body. “Oh Rals.” The rumble is something I will also be able to recognize. “Yanc” I mumble and close my eyes. “Marshal. We heard the shout.” “Is that…” “Raleigh Becket.” Yancy pulls away to rest his forehead against mine. “Rangers. Stand down! Also, you Yancy Becket.” That doesn’t sit well my Yancy. “No.” “No?” I look back at Marshal. The look is beyond pissed. “You will not win this one, sir.” Tendo' voice comes from the right side. I turn to him. “Report to the LOCCENT in 12 hours!” Marshal snarls and stalks away with miss Mori on his heel.


“Rals.” We are back at Yancys room. Now it’s mine too, I guess. He got the top bunk as usual and I throw myself at the under his. He leans against his bunk and looks down at me. “Missed ya.” I look up at him and smiles sad. “Ah know.” I mumble and he nods. Pats my leg before turns to the little kitchen we got near the door.


Our room is not big, but we are used to live close. Our bunks are upside the door. The bathroom is on the left side of the main door. There is a shower, toilet, sink and two cupboards. One for each of us. The kitchen is also small and on the right side of the main door. A little fridge, two high kitchen cabinets. A sink with a little space to make food. Above that there is also to cupboards.


I lay on my bed, half asleep and yawns when someone knocks on our door. Yancy moves to open it and in comes to ginger heads. One I recognize. “Sir.” I move of the bed and move to claps arms with the older Ranger. He smiles and gives me a once over. “Looking good, Raleigh.” “Thank you, sir.” Hercules Hansen is a well-known Ranger. Him and his brother, Scott Hansen, helped us out back in Manila. “Meet my son, Chuck.” The younger ginger head glares at me and I raise an eyebrow. “Five years. What have you been doing?” Chuck folds arms over his chest and I roll my eyes. “Working for my living.” I answer and turn to the kitchen. Yancy ruffles my hair and I poke him in his sides. “Wanna follow us to the mess?” Herc tips his head and we turn to look at each other. “The others would love to meet ya. You have been gone for years.” That does it. Yancy pushes me out and we towards the mess. He slings one arm over my shoulders and pulls me in. Chuck and Herc leads the way. “You and I, we got a lot to catch up on.” Yancy rumbles and I send him my cocky smile. “Whatever you say, old man.”


The mess is huge and many is gathered to eat. We go to the food line. “What did I do to Chuck?” I ask my older brother, who stands behind me. “You left. He idolized you. More than me or his any other.” Me? My brother must have been drinking early. “No.” A slaps to my back head sends my steps forward. “Yow.” I turn and scowls. Over his shoulder I catch the glimpse of Marshals girl. “That’s Mako Mori. She is the Marshals adopted daughter.” Yancy has followed my glance and looks back at me. “Come on. The triplet and Russians are waiting.” Chuck sounds angry and we quickly follow him down to the table. “Ah, little Becket.” Sasha Kaidanovsky smiles feral and I take place upside her. “Sasha, Alexsis. Triplets.” The triplets smile and Alexsis, husband to Sasha, grunts. “So. Gonna stay this time?” I look at Chuck and narrow my eyes. “Charlie Hansen!” Herc sounds angry. “If I bail, it’s gonna be in a bodybag.” I snarl and he gets up to leave. “Rals!” Yancy’ voice is sharp, but I ignore him. I begin to eat and swallows my food without chewing. “Easy kiddo.” “Becket.” I freeze and look at Herc who doesn’t look happy. “Marshal. Not now.” “I am afraid it can’t wait.” A heavy hand lands on my right shoulder. It tucks and I get up to follow.


The Jaegerbay is huge. Gipsy is rebuilt and looks beautiful. “She is..” “Beautiful.”  “We need to test the Neural Drift between you two.” Marshal Pentecost hands us our suits and we get in them. “He doesn’t trust me.” “You bailed.” “His fault!” Yancy looks sharply at me and I look away. I need to hide those memories from him. There will be chaos if he finds out. We step inside our Jaeger. My hand glides over the metal and a feeling of home wash over me. “Rals.” “Let’s begin.” I mumble and steps onto my side of the Jaeger. We get hooked up on the system. “Neural Handshake in 10 seconds.” I keep my gaze forward, but I am nervous. “Breath, Raleigh.” Tendo’ voice sound worried and I breathe in. Muscles relax and I close my eyes. “Neural handshake starts.” The old between Yanc and me wakes up.


Raleigh is standing by his brother’ bed. Yancy is in a deep coma. Raleigh has tears rolling down his cheeks, but not a sound comes from him. “Guess this is our goodbye.” The younger Becket leans down and place a kiss on the older’ brow. The bags are by the door. Packed and a coat is over the chair beside them. Raleigh closes his eyes and a small sob comes from him. “I am sorry, but...”

I pull us away from the memory and we drifts into another. One of Yancy’.


“No!” “Ranger. You will choose another Ranger. A new co-pilot.” Marshal stands before Yancy there only shake his head. “No. Only Raleigh or no one.” Yancy turns around and stalks out. The other pilots are standing out to the side, but all wear a frown. “Marshal. It has only been two months...” “Raleigh Becket aren’t dead.” Yancy ignore them.


My head whip towards Yancy and his meets my gaze with a tired smile. “Amazing. Nothing has changed between them.” “End the drift.” We disconnect and leaves smiling and laughing. I can feel him across the ghost drift and that is a felling I have missed. “Come on. The meal is about to be served.” We head again to the mess. We find a table just for us. I guess we have a lot to talk about. “So?” I lean forward and rest my arms on the table. “There is something you don’t want me to know.” Yancy is wearing the famous frown. A frown there only shows when things are about me or Jaz. “Past is past, Yanc. I am home and ready to stop this drawn-out battle.” My words are holding tiredness and yet a tone, there tell him: not now. We eat in silence and listen to the chatter around us. I got a feeling. Like someone is staring at me. I turn half around and lock my eyes with Chuck Hansen. There is something in his eyes. Hate, betrayal and…was it love I saw. Just a glimpse and it was gone.


We walk back to our room. A comfortable silence is between us. A shouting match stops us in our tracks. “I don’t care!” “Charlie…” “Don’t call me that!” “Try to see it from his view.” “He is no good. No matter what his brother are saying to you all. He isn’t gonna be my soulmate.”  I look at Yancy, but he looks mad.  “Soulmate?” I ask, but he shakes his head. “Not today.” He growls and drags me along.


Back in our room we sit in my bunk and start playing card. “You know many has a soulmate?” I shrug my shoulders. Sure, I do, but I never really begun thinking who my life partner was. “You have been focusing on me, but what else do you feel?” “I thought we will talk about this tomorrow?” “No. Tomorrow you will use time to think about this.” I look up from my cards. He shots me and gaze there makes me freeze. “Be rejected and the one being it, will be in pain and hurt. No chance for finding love again. Be with your partner and it is the biggest gift in life.” I lower my head. I know that and so much more. I know some of the rejected died of broken heart, pain or got murdered. “Kiddo?” I look up at him and smile. “We gonna make it. WE will cancel this damn apocalypse!”


I am awake I the middle of the night. My brother is snoring and a small smile slips across my lips. I knew that Chuck was something I couldn’t have. I bailed and left everything behind. This is a fight there are running long and I will be on borrowed time. I roll onto my side and close my eyes. A sight and my muscles grow lax. Everything outside doesn’t matter right now. I will deal with this in the morning. 

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