Krigen er kommet tæt ind på livet, men hvor ville du kæmpe for dit liv henne. Skjult og håbe på at fjenden ikke finder dig. Eller i en maskine som giver dig muligheder for at trodse det værste vejr og giver dig en chance for at overleve. Valget er dit.

Konkurrence: Valentinsdag

Muligheder: 1-3


1. Prolog

You will never know how much we give up for you. We fight so you will be able to see another day. We lose friends and family, lovers, spouse and children. A Rangers life are short and only about defending and fighting.

A battle between a Kaiju and us, my brother and I, almost cost my brother his life. But I also paid with a price there will forever change me. 

Kaijuer are mean sons of bitches. They take everything from us unless we get to them first. We fight against them with our own monsters. Jaegers are giant machines controlled by two humans. They untie over the drift. Jaeger-tech there bind their memories and feelings together. Stronger bond, better fighters.

I have only drifted with my older brother Yancy Becket. My name is btw Raleigh Becket. The little Becket. Yancy has always been bigger than me. More muscle and more a diplomat. I was the wild kid, but grew up when I lost him.

I left after three weeks in a hospital bed. The techs and Tendo came to visit. The Gage twins called, but when Marshal Stacker Pentecost came and talked to me. I left when I could walk. He was not worried about me, but didn't tell me what there became of my older brother. After I left i laid low for years. 5 to be exact. I worked for my living. 

The Marshal found me and wants me back, but only because my older brother refused to drift with any other, but how can I return? I still can't look at myself in the mirror.

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