Uncharted Territory

"it isn't always about going back, Harry. Sometimes, it's all about moving foward." | As an indefinite hiatus temporarily disbands the ever popular boyband One Direction, Harry Styles finds himself in a melancholic limbo. While going solo was always a part of the plan, the trouble came in filling the newly wiped slate. As a part of his necessary soul searching and a crucial part of his creative process, Harry ultimately finds himself locked away in a private studio in Port Antonio, Jamaica where pizza boy and unofficial guitar god Mitch Rowland somehow ends up as well after Harry's lead guitarist suddenly dropped out. Despite the fact that both Harry and Mitch are completely clueless about where they're going, and yearn for a place they no longer belong, they find their strength in knowing that they're moving forward together.

(Artwork by dunkirks.tumblr.com)

Forfatteren har bedømt denne movella som gul, hvilket betyder at det er upassende for brugere under 13 år.
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