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  • Publiceret: 24 dec. 2017
  • Opdateret: 4 jan. 2018
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we fight individual fights, within
what do you feel like, inside?

a part of this is very sexual. if you get offended, dont read.


20. who was it on?

It wasn't my fault
I am realizing it all,

It was you who left
And I felt so dead,

But I am beginning to see
That the problem wasnt with me,

You blamed me for my depression
Have you got a fucking obsession?

Was it so important to be right
That you would leave me to cry?

Is it in the end really on me?
When you chose to leave?

I feel my arrogance rising
I am just devising,

I blamed my self too much
And you never gave a fuck,

How could you do this to me?
How could you be as cold as the sea?

I am not blaming you
This is just the bitter truth.

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