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  • Publiceret: 24 dec. 2017
  • Opdateret: 4 jan. 2018
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we fight individual fights, within
what do you feel like, inside?

a part of this is very sexual. if you get offended, dont read.


5. thoughts

Motherfucker think he god damn funny, sitting on his ass, getting bashed, counting cash ‘nd money, call his babe honey while eating honey, fuck your girlfriends tummy, I aint no fucking dummy, you trynna put your ass against mine, bitch you out on a thin ass line, keep it straight, with your weak ass spine, you think you even got a dime(?)

Man you out ‘n lyin’, fuck you and whoever you think you is, you aint ever met me, I fucked you so hard you got lit, so see bitch, I’ll just remain as I am, getting rich, I just called a motherfucking dips on your bitch, so bitch listen to this, I aint fucked you yet, cause you aint in my bed, even thou’ I know you fucking wet, so let me pass and bash, let me see those panties straight, I aint got time to wait, I want ‘em off fucking fast, so we can fuck at last, don’t worry ‘bout your boy, he is just a toy, a toy called Lloyd in a bigger game, where he lost cuz he lame, it aint he fault he aint to blame, I just fucking put him to shame, could you really ha’e?
How it feel to feel me, as I bring your ass up to speech, just don’t leak nothing, or something, blame yourself for what you did, man I just wanted to get lit but then my chick would ditch, how she done leave a depressed man, where she the only fan, I don’t know, but I am moving on, I aint korny, but bitch you still fucking horny, how can you laugh at a fucker, who gettin’ money like a bum, I don’t think he do that shit for fun, so come on, leave this man alone, and listen to post malone, before you blow, your fucking idol, ill roll up a cone at least everyone who a minor, I put yall on a timer, to time and time, for correction and fucking house holding flies, man I swear how come everybody want to die? I aint a man that often smile, but be realistic and step aside before you slide, talking about slide, let me slide before I ride, talking about ride, you could just as well ride, maybe you’d bring me to smile as we fuck, cause I wont be able to get enough, break into Fort Knox and find two fine bitches doin double hush, jesus, fuck, I cant keep rhyming on the same words, and I for sure aint no motherfucking nerd, no fucking turd, but I wont say I aint hurt, but no tripping bitch will bring me down, skrrt, skrrt, I went to town and I almost drowned in hoes that would blow, you go girl, you goin suck dick for a franklin, let that shit fade in.

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