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  • Publiceret: 24 dec. 2017
  • Opdateret: 4 jan. 2018
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we fight individual fights, within
what do you feel like, inside?

a part of this is very sexual. if you get offended, dont read.


19. privacy

I dont feel your interest
I feel like a bitch by the bed,

You got me all tied up
Am I suck in Fort Knox?

Poetry is easy
If you've ever felt feelings,

I havent slept for 27 hours
Before bed I'd like a shower,

Trust me I have no privacy
This isnt how it is suppose to be,

I sometimes inflict pain to my self
Just to fucking escape hell,

I dont cut my wrist
I bleed by my fist,

I punched through a door
Cause I feel so sore,

I just want to feel so loved
I can't ever get enough,

Rub my head I'll prevent your death,
Drugs arent equal love they fuck it all up.

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